Ride4Epilepsy at Sandown

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Ride4Epilepsy at SandownI had been riding a Road bike for almost 2 months & was really getting addicted.  I found this 6 hour Enduro at Sandown Raceway, and really became passionate about doing this one.  Having never raced at a racecourse before I was really looking forward to it.

Ride4Epilepsy at Sandown
Me on the right

They couldn’t have picked a more perfect day.  I was worried that riding round & round in circles would be tedious and maybe even boring.  But thankfully this was not the case. I found it easy to get into a rhythm, and sit on the back of groups and work my way through each lap.  I gave it everything, and was nowhere near the fastest on the day, but I was happy as I rode better than expected.  All up I managed to ride 75 km’s without before stopping when my wife arrived.  And had a bit of a chat with her, and a rest. It was nice that my wife could see what I was doing, which was giving me so much enjoyment. I was really enjoying myself, and didn’t notice as the laps flew by.  There is one small climb at the back of the course.

As the day wore on got harder, and harder to get up.

Ride4Epilepsy at Sandown

I was going to pull the plug at 130 km’s, but started riding with a group that was representing Dengani Coffee.  There was some really nice blokes amongst the bunch, and were trying to go for the team victory.  I jumped in their group and tried to help them out as best as I could.  I was nackered, but I gave everything to support a bunch of strangers, and smashed lap after lap with them.  Hey, they didn’t win, but it was sure fun trying to help them to reach gold.

Ride4Epilepsy at Sandown

I took a lot from this ride, as I was still pretty inexperienced, and started to see parts of my riding that were improving, though there were still a massive room for improvement.  I managed 160km’s which was a record for me at the time, and really helped me believe that I could start riding longer distances.  A couple of riders rode over 200km’s on the day, and I started to ask myself the question of what I would need to do to be able to do that.

Always a story for the future.

Ride4Epilepsy at Sandown

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