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Like many Aussies.  I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning to watch Cadel Evans win the 2011 Tour De France. At the time I was riding a Mountain Bike, and enjoyed my riding.  But always felt I was missing something, and still hadn’t found my niche. Back in 2000, I had ridden a Road bike for about 7 months and loved it. I hadn’t used cleats so was still a bit unsure about how I would go with wearing them. It was tempting to buy a Road bike, but was worried that if I bought one and didn’t enjoy riding it.  Felt I could waste a bit of money.

During one of the many commercial breaks an ad popped up for

I thought that if I could find a bike for around $400 second hand, I could justify it. If it doesn’t work out, I wouldn’t be losing that much.  If I love it can easily ride the bike till it drops and then upgrade it. Like karma the first bike I looked at I got. My old Road bike was a Shogun Katana, and I found a newer version a Shogun Ninja for $550. I called the guy up that morning, & was able to pick it up several days later.


My Ninja I rode for 6,500 km’s, and almost overnight gave up Mountain Biking.  Shortly after discovered climbing and have never looked back.


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