Jayco Herald Sun Tour (2012)

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I discovered that before the Jayco Herald Sun Tour stage up Arthurs Seat that there was a charity event where you got on the same course as the professionals beforehand.  This finishes on Arthurs Seat. I was just getting into climbing, and loved the idea of trying Arthurs Seat for the first time. I called my Uncle who lived in Blairgowrie and was able to crash at his place. It was a short ride out to Portsea from there. There were less than 100 riders going in this event, and there was a fair bit of wind around on the day. I just hoped to be able to keep up with everyone. I was riding well on the day, and ended up spending much of the day riding with a guy named Derek.

Jayco Herald Sun Tour (2012)
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It was an enjoyable course, but I was lucky to have Derek with me, as the signage was really poor on the course. 
The Jayco Herald Sun Riders got direction from the motorcade, not from little signs stuck up in obscure spots. I was flying at times, and others not so flying. I had a harrowing moment around the 80 km point where we were descending a very high speed descent when an unexpected cross wind slammed into me at over 70 kmph.   The wind almost slammed me off the road. I started to struggle approaching Arthurs Seat, and had never ever climbed anything as steep before.
Jayco Herald Sun Tour (2012)
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As soon as I hit the climb I cracked like an egg. My legs felt like lead, and I could barely move up there. I was screaming in pain, and couldn’t hide as there were hundreds of people positioned along the climb.  In preparation to support the Jayco Herald Sun Tour. I couldn’t believe how steep it was & passing 100’s of spectators was quite embarrassing.  Luckily I wasn’t jeered for how slow I was going.  But certainly could see the amusement on some of the people’s face for how much I was struggling.  A few people even egged me along. I wanted to get off and walk, but to my credit I persevered & made it up to the top.

I hadn’t climbed many Categorised climbs before this ride.  Boy was this a learning curve. I got to watch as the Pro’s flew over that climb, and boy were they fast. I was very, very happy that I got the opportunity to participate in this ride.

Jayco Herald Sun Tour (2012)
Jayco Herald Sun Tour (2012)
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