Kinglake Ride part 2

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One year later.  With a whole lotta climbing experience under my belt I felt a lot more confident with this year’s edition of the Kinglake ride. I was shocked when I showed up for the Tri-alliance rides. Since last year I was a whole new league ahead of where I was. I was, able to go a lot faster than I’ve previously been able to, and was always leading out the front. We did a massive session at the Yarra Boulevard.  Part of it they had us race 5 laps of the first part of Yarra Street. Even to this day I’m still 2nd on the leaderboard, and don’t think I was giving it full gas at the time.

Two days before the actual event it was a sunny perfect day with 28 degrees, and I was feeling great……..

Of course being the Kinglake Ride the weather turned sour.

I still hadn’t learned to work out how to read the weather forecast.  Which almost cost me big time again this year. The weather forecast for Melbourne was 15 degrees, and possible rain.  I brought some warmish clothes and a rain jacket.  You think I would have figured from last year that this was an incredibly cold pocket north of Melbourne, with its own weather patterns.
Kinglake Ride part 2


The ride started well, and I smashed it out, and was always pushing out the front. As soon as I hit Kinglake I pushed off on everyone.  Only getting passed once on the climb.  Whilst leap frogging dozens of climbers on the way up. I pushed on, and at the very point last year when I copped the hypothermia, de ja vu occurred. The weather turned sour and it dropped down to 6 degrees on course and started to rain a bit. I was soaked, and really cold, but I pushed through and was hoping that history wouldn’t repeat itself. When I was nearing the turn off at Glenburn, I started shaking a little & was absolutely freezing.

Kinglake Ride part 2

I had a feeling that like last year, this might just be a very cold pocket and if I kept riding, it would warm-up. It did, and I breathed a sigh of relief. It wasn’t pleasant conditions, and I felt really bad riding through the last 50km’s of the ride. When I came through Kinglake West, I started to pass the 70 km riders.

This buoyed my spirits somewhat.
Kinglake Ride part 2
Last year I finished in 5 & ½ hours. This year I finished in 3 hours 52 minutes, averaging just under 30kmph, and was one of the first back. From the nice weather we had Thursday, it dropped 20 degrees which isn’t healthy for the body to cope with. I got wet again, but had a bit better clothing for the day, but the day could have gone sour. I sent the organisers a suggestion to change the title of the ride to the “Kingrain ride”. They moved the ride to November the following year, desperately trying to avoid the crap weather. I did better than expected, and really wanted to come back to prove myself. I asked myself the question “at what cost?”.  Two bad experiences had made me a tougher rider, and this year’s edition gave me confidence that I could ride through some very temperamental weather. I haven’t returned to this event, even though it is a fantastic course, and it would be great to revisit it to see how much I’ve improved as a cyclist. One year…….
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