My second date with Donna

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It was Boxing Day & may wife asked me to drive her & some friends up to Warburton. I wanted another crack at the beast, and looked forward to it. It was an overcast day, but not that cold.  I learned from my last experience and brought some food, and a couple of extra clothes with me this time regardless of the conditions.

The climb up to cement creek was nowhere near as hard as the first time. After Cement Creek I hit the cloud cover.  De ja vu as it started to drizzle on me, and I was getting wet. At the time, I stayed nice and warm as was really pushing hard.  Cutting a lot of time off my PB with an hour & 7 minutes up Mount D (13 minutes off my previous attempt). I noticed that there was a picnic ground at the top next to the lookout tower.

Kicking myself for not knowing this the last time I came up here & froze to death.

I considered heading straight down, but decided to stop in the shelter to get the extra clothes on & eat. As soon as I entered I started to shake, and I thought oh, oh. I quickly chucked on the top I brought, arm warmers & a beanie, but could not stave off the shaking. I ate what I could.  Moving around the shelter a lot for about 10-15 minutes until I was able to stop shaking. How I wished I had brought more clothing.

The descent was freezing. I learned from my previous experience.  Keeping the legs turning and focused inwards and concentrated solely on the corners. I ignored my wet shoes, my hands going numb, my teeth chattering, that feeling of old water spraying all up my backside. The descent was not pleasant, but at least I had the experience to know that I’ve been through worse and survived.

Two from two efforts on Donna killed my spirits.  This has been the start of a hate, hate relationship that I’ve had with her. Of the 11 times I’ve climbed Donna, 10 of these have been under adverse circumstances. I do have a wish to do a sub hour ascent on Donna at one stage.  It’s far too far to drive just for me to justify a PB.  If I give it everything I know I won’t have much energy left after to do anything else. I will return.

Maybe even come back and Everest it one day……

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