Ride4Epilepsy at Calder Park

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This was the second year that I rode the Ride4Epilepsy which is a 6 hour enduro. This year’s edition was at Calder Park.  The organisers chose a very poor day to run the event as Amy’s Gran Fondo was on at the same day.  With numbers heavily down on last year. I had the Flu, and was struggling to breath properly, and felt like crap.  You could question why I would be riding in a 6 hour Enduro given the circumstances. I had talked my wife into riding this year, so couldn’t not go.

Ride4Epilepsy at Calder Park

From the outset I joined a group of around 20 riders who were smashing out great times for the first 15 laps. There was a huge difference in the riders abilities.  We seemed to be easily able to lap the entire field. For the first 15 laps we averaged close to 37 km/h, and lapped the whole field over and over again. Me, I was hanging on for dear life, and was fighting for breath.  Suffering a fever.

Ride4Epilepsy at Calder Park

Everyone was rolling turns at the front except for me. I had no hope of getting out the front, and just held on for dear life.  Every time I got near the front I would pull over to the side to get out of the peleton and blow snot out of my nose.  Then coincidentally joining up at the back of the pack. I held on for dear life, and was wondering how long I could hold on for.

Lucky that the group splintered before I had a chance to crack.

I was in the hurt locker, and it was a cool day.  The winds picked up as the day went and conditions were tricky to ride in, and I started riding solo.  Occasionally jumping in on groups. I rode until I had done 100 km’s.  Then seriously considering pulling the plug on the day. I had done far better than I could have possibly hoped to given my flu.

There was a free massage service in pit lane.  I went and got some work done on my legs which brought some life back into me. Then I went out and slogged out another dozen laps before I collapsed again.  Needing further treatment on my legs. One more pit stop at the massage centre got me through the day, and I ended up riding 148 km’s & came 8th overall whilst pretty crook. I pulled out a Michael Jordan type ride today & was immensely proud. I had high hopes of returning the following year, but sadly the organiser came down with throat cancer and this was the last year that this was run.

The greatest part of the day was the ride my wife pulled out. She hadn’t ridden a bike in months before this ride, and pulled out 68km’s in tricky conditions. And really helped me push through my own troubles on the day.

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