2013 Dirty Dozen

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2013 Dirty Dozen

I had been training heavily for sometime for the upcoming 3 Peaks. Several weeks before the 3 Peaks was the 2013 Dirty Dozen. I love climbing the extreme climbs that the Dirty Dozen offers.  But was at a quandary as I didn’t want to go in and hit it really hard.  Then burn myself out so close to the 3 Peaks.

I planned to ride with a mate, Jordan, who I had met at one of the Domestique rides at Mount Buller. We had similar climbing styles, and I suggested a plan. After every main climb we would stop at the top and let our heart rate drop down to below 120 bpm.  Before moving onto the next climb. I figured if we did this, we would be able to survive all the way to Terry’s Avenue. Jordan said this sounded fine.

Coasting up Invermay

We must have pissed off a lot of riders on the day as we blitzed up the climbs.  Whilst we were waiting at the top catching our breath, chatting away.  Guys that we flew by would move onto the next climb.  Then we would go & fly up the next climb & take them again & again. There was one guy that we overtook 8 times over the course of that day. We both finished in the top 15 fastest riders on virtually every climb. I did get a bad time on Mill Avenue due to a car reversing out onto the road directly in front of me.

But them’s the breaks.


Chasing down a powerful Simon Matheson

I was expecting to feel like hell towards the end of the event.  Really dreading the thought of climbing up Terry’s.  Surprisingly the closer I got, the more the day warmed up and the more energy I felt I had. I felt so good that I got out of the seat the whole way and sprinted up Terry’s Avenue. This was a climb that I had feared and loathed over the past two days.  Today I was giving it everything. I stopped at the top, and Jordan decided to keep on riding.  I had to push to try and keep up, but he caught a second wind.  Having an amazing run up Belgrave-Ferny Creek Road.

Note the guy walking up Mast Gully behind me 🙂
We had an incredible day, and didn’t hurt ourselves in the process which was essential for our 3 Peaks campaign.

I can never forget on lap 1, two riders who really shouldn’t have shown up for an event like this. In 32 degree heat one guy who clearly couldn’t climb wore leg-ins, and a long sleeve top.  He was sweating like a pig. Another guy was spraying all over the place and fell over half way up the climb as he was going far too slow.

I was lucky as several climbs from the original Dirty Dozen didn’t have segments on them.  And was able to create them. I named the 5th segment of the day the Devi’s Mayhem (Janiesleigh/Olivette Avenue), and really hoped that the name would stick. My favorite climb for the day was Mast Gully Road. I had never climbed it before, and had heard so much, and I didn’t want to fear it. I just smashed it with confidence.

It’s a nice feeling when you see guys zig zagging all over the place above you, and you just cruise straight up the guts. Most days, no matter how well you prepare for an event like this you prepare yourself to hurt. I still cannot believe how smoothly we did today, and had an absolute blast.

  1. Frame Avenue: 300 metres @ 14%
  2. The Serpentine: 900 metres @ 12%
  3. Wrightmare: 400 metres @ 11%
  4. Hughes Street: 1.9 km’s @ 8%
  5. The Devil’s Mayhem: 1.4 km’s @ 9%
  6. Mast Gully Road: 1.5 km’s @ 13%
  7. Mills Hills: 400 metres @ 13%
  8. Invermay Road: 1.2 km’s @ 10%
  9. Priors Road: 1 km @ 10%
  10. Brae-Braeside: 400 metres @ 16%
  11. Maskell Hills: 400 metres @ 11%
  12. Bolton Batesleigh: 1 km @ 7%
  13. Terry’s Avenue: 600 metres @ 20%
  14. Belgrave Ferny Creek Road: 1.5 km’s @ 10%

Here is a link to my Strava Activity here:

Here is a link to the Climbing Cyclist write-up of the day:

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