A trip to Bacchus Marsh (13/04/2013)

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It was my brother-in-laws birthday, and he was having a party up in Bacchus Marsh. I said you beaut. I’ll meet you there.  I’d been following a rider from Bacchus Greg Ley on Strava.  Mentioning to him that I was riding out there.  He agreed to meet me in the city and ride back to Bacchus with me. It seemed a tough ride at the time, but I felt I’d be able to cope. Several weeks before I did this ride.  I received quite a few emails from Strava saying that I had lost most of my segments going down the Dandenong Creek Trail to Carrum. Foolishly a voice whispered in my ear.

 “make a slight detour & go down the long way down Beach Road to get to Bacchus and get back those KOM’s“.
I set off and hammered it down the Dandenong Creek bike trail. It was completely empty, and I had a sweet tailwind.  For 13 km’s I averaged 36.4 km/h on a sandy dirt surface which is quite rough in places. I was flying and took back 5 KOM’s. When I turned onto Beach Road I realised the folly of my actions.  That nice tail wind became a stiff cross wind, and it was a slog making my way down Beach Road.

I met Greg in the city, and was mega fortunate, as with the way he took me I was utterly lost. I don’t know the northern, or western suburbs of Melbourne well.  It was gold getting a guided tour. The wind changed as well, and there was a stiff cross/head wind, and I really struggled. Greg set a cracking pace and I had to give it all just to keep up with him.  Having to ask him to stop a couple of times towards the end just to make it out to Bacchus.

A trip to Bacchus Marsh
The Avenue of Honour


Most of the trip out to Bacchus was a blur as I was deep in the hurt locker. This was an epic ride, and one of my longest rides at the time with 158 km’s. My family thought I was crazy of course and couldn’t believe that I’d ridden all the way out to Bacchus. I was just lucky to get paced out here, as I would have really struggled into those winds on my own.

Here is the link to my Strava Activity here:


A trip to Bacchus Marsh
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