A TT to the 12 Apostles

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A TT to the 12 Apostles

I was staying in Port Campbell, and I wasn’t able to get any reception.  Maybe if I knew that there would be gusts of up to 100 km/h on the road the next day.  Maybe I wouldn’t have gone out & ridden. I planned on setting up a segment from Port Campbell to the 12 Apostles.  Then cruise down to Princetown. I know they do races out here, especially with the Melbourne to Warnambool.  So wasn’t expecting to be high on the leader board.

The segment I set-up was 10.9 km’s @ 0.2%. Overall this is the case, but there were quite a few nasty pinches along the way upwards of 10%.  With about 3 km’s of steep climbing towards the end which really slowed me down.  This was a lot harder than the average gradient suggests.


I was giving it everything.  Taking advantage of that tail wind which honestly I didn’t know how strong it was until I turned around. It’s exciting creating a segment.  You have no idea of what anyone has done before or what Par is. You suffer, you sweat, and if you’re segments catches on.

Then invariably you dish out a lot of pain on others in the future.

I knew this stretch of road had to be ridden by a lot of good riders in the past.  Knowing that if a race has been run this way before, I’d have buckley’s hope of a good time. I was shocked to get 1st out of 55 riders with an average speed of 35 km/h.  Given some of the tough climbs along the way was stoked with. I know that a lot of the riders below me are faster than me.  Openly admitting that those gale force winds got me there.  Guess I earned it with what I had to endure on the return trip.

A TT to the 12 Apostles
Taken on a slightly better day

I pulled over at the 12 Apostles centre gasping for breath.  Needing 5 minutes to compose myself. I continued on towards Princetown at a more sedate pace. Then turned around into what would easily be some of the toughest winds I’ve ever ridden into. From Port Campbell to Princetown I took 26 minutes to ride. On the way back it took me 51 minutes for the same section of road.  This had more downhill, & I was averaging a meagre 15 km./h. Skinny man vs the wind! At Port Campbell I needed to pull over to get over the shell shock of the winds.  These were starting to get stronger. I rode around Port Campbell, and honestly didn’t want to head back out into those winds. At some points I was slowing down to 10 km/h on a straight.

A TT to the 12 Apostles
Port Campbell
Loch & Gorge (hiding from the winds)
Over the last 7 km’s I was able to dig deep .

Getting my average speed up to 22 km/h, but cost me a lot of energy. I was spent when I got back, and in shock. The winds were well over 80 km/h with strong gusts that I heard later went well over 100 km/h, and lost count of how many times a gust smashed into me.  Threatening to throw me off the bike. I still have a lot to learn on the bike, and relish rides like this. They certainly make you stronger.

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