Cycling around Bendigo

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When my wife asked me to take her mum & a friend to Bendigo for a long weekend. I was rubbing my hands together as I was able to negotiate a large chunk of riding. Previously I had ridden around Castlemaine up to Mount Alexander around here and was looking forward to exploring the area more. I was really hyped and put lots of comments on Strava. Next thing I know I’ve got a message from Milinda saying he’s booked accommodation in Bendigo.

He was going to ride with me.
Cycling around Bendigo
Image taken by Ian Cochrane; courtesy of Flickr

He was due to get into Bendigo around 10:00 am.  I left early in the morning to get a short loop through town first. It was lucky that there was a cycling brochure at the information centre which had several great recommendations. I had a chance to knock off One Tree Hill.  An iconic climb which is usually used in the Jayco Herald Sun Tour. It was an excellent climb, but honestly I was expecting something harder. Probably a bit too much undulating changes for my liking.

Cycling around Bendigo
One Tree Hill

Milinda called, and said that he was running late so I rode out to the west side of Bendigo.  Finding some amazing roads that I would love to return and revisit at some stage. We weren’t able to leave until 12:30 pm and it was bloody hot. I had 80 km’s in my legs at that stage and felt good. We headed south, and I took Milinda up the North side of One Tree Hill. Bendigo has some great riding.

Most of the roads were either pretty wide, or had bike lanes and seemed a very bike friendly town. It’s not that I got us lost, but we missed the turnoff on our loop.  We added an extra 20 km’s to our ride. We didn’t notice as we were just enjoying the ride so much.

The scenery was great, and the roads were just a pleasure to ride on.

When we turned off Milinda flew off on me, and I had to give it full gas to chase him down. I was wondering if he knew of a Strava segment that I didn’t know about. It took me close to a km to catch him, and he was possessed. I mentioned to him that we still had around 50 km’s to ride.  Thankfully he slowed down. He said that he was feeling heat exhausted, and wasn’t used to riding in such hot conditions.  From here we had to slow down and pace ourselves back.

We were lucky to find an antique store down the road.  There was nothing around and bought some Coke’s which hit the spot. We passed Lake Eppalock and cruised back to Bendigo. I had an awesome day, and somehow felt fresh after a 180 km ride. I love the heat, and can sometime really thrive in it. You hope that every ride can be special like this, but it doesn’t always work like that. Maybe it was the chance to explore.  Definitely had a great day due to the great company.

I was planning on doing a century down to Mount Alexander the following day.  Sadly Milinda had family commitments and couldn’t make it. There were heavy winds forecast, but I was hoping the route I picked would be well sheltered from the wind.

The best laid plans of mice and men……..

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