Green Edge Ride Part 2

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I had a winter from hell & this ride really epitomised this.  Major illness, injury a death in the family.  What worse could happen to me…….

I had a full two weeks to get into shape after my last bout of illness.  Somehow during the week of the OGE ride I developed a hernia & a cist.  This got infected and couldn’t sit without pain.  Annoyingly is the major criteria one needs to ride.  I had doubts as to whether I could do the ride.  I couldn’t do any exercise that week which added to doubts to my fitness.

Most of the pain ceased the day before the ride.  I opted to give it a go and wore three pairs of shorts to cope.  This would also make the ride more difficult as it was forecast in the thirties and with little shade would make me hotter.


Green Edge Ride Part 2
Michelton Winery


Late, I’m late, I’m very, very late….

Given this was my second year doing this.  I have no explanation as to how I could screw up my estimation of how long it would take me to drive up there.  I was flying, but knew I couldn’t make the start line.  Pulling over and parking in Seymour and waited there for the first peleton.  This sucked as I missed the first 15 km of riding.  It was a relief when the Peleton came around the bend .  I jumped on and chatted away with Chris & Sam who I had arranged to ride this event with.

The pace wasn’t overly fast, and after awhile we got bored and Sam, Chris & I decided to rip the Peleton a new a-hole.  I wish I could have looked over my shoulder as I was belting out 40 km/h up this 400 metre rise.  I was really enjoying dishing out the pain but realised that I couldn’t keep the insane pace up and dropped back to get paced again.

Green Edge Ride Part 2


The climb

My advice to Sambo was pretty easy about the climb.  There are 15% pinches at the start and the first few km are really difficult so take it easy.  I was up the front and could see riders reel me in, figuring I must have been climbing really slowly so gave it gas.  It took a couple of k’s for them to reel me in and I realised they were Orica Green Edge riders.  Foolishly I cooked trying to keep ahead of them.  They were just casually chatting away whist I was gasping and heaving for breath.  I visited the pain cave.  Sam & Chris flew on by me.  It took me a few more k’s until I found the legs again to keep pace with them up the road.

That climb really hurt and it was bloody hot and I was smoked.  At the lunch stop I was chatting with Chris, when we realised that the whole Orica Green Edge squad had made an early exit.  We jumped on our bikes to try and catch them.  Chris dropped me like a sack of spuds and I soloed it.  15 lonely km later I was hot and it felt like I was going to have a horrid time getting to the end.  I caught a rider up ahead and we started to work together, and started riding quite quick.  Within 5 km we somehow had caught the OGE train in our sights.  They were a few km up the road, and we dropped the gas trying to catch them.

Green Edge Ride Part 2


The catch

We passed a couple of OGE riders who had dropped off for a nature break.  We had high hopes we could sit on their wheel to get back to the Peleton.  My day was really summed up when an OGE car flew on by us at 50 km/h with two riders inches behind it getting motorpaced back to the Peleton.  There went our ride, and our spirits dropped as we just couldn’t catch the group up ahead.

A group caught us and we sat in their wheels, but the pace stepped up and I was in the hurt locker.  It was frekkin hot and I just couldn’t keep pace.  I ended up doing it solo it back to Michelton Winery in the hurt locker.  Definitely not my finest ride, and really summed up my winter.


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