Ned Kellys Last Loop

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I was heading home from the 2013 Three Peaks. I decided to do a stop-off at Glenrowan on the way home, as this has been high on my wish list to ride around there. Glenrowan is a town located 184 km’s north east of Melbourne, and famous for Ned Kelly’s last stand on 27/06/1880. I had picked up a brochure in Wangaratta and there was a loop recommended through Taminck Gap from Glenrowan. I had a look through Strava, and there didn’t seem to be many segments through there, so I decided to smash out a loop and set-up a segment.

Ned Kellys Last Loop

It was really hot, and nearing 34 degrees when I pushed off.  As soon as I left the town, I moved into very arid type outback conditions.  It was hard work pushing through the heat. I turned off onto Taminick Gap Road, and passed several Wineries.  The views here were stunning. Taminick Gap is 3.2 km’s @ 5%, and the road surface is packed rock, and was a real grind getting up it.

Some climbs just appeal to you and this was one of them. It was easy to instantly fell in love with this climb. I worked really hard, and was cooked, and felt I’d done a pretty good time. Then I picked up the pace after the descent, and really enjoyed the second half of this loop. I was in Ned Kelly territory, and kept thinking of a clever title for my new segment.

I called it Ned Kelly’s Last Loop.

Although this ride was really short, this was easily my favourite loop I’ve ever done this year.

When I set-this segment up I felt I’d done a decent time of 29.4 km/h.  Hoping to do well on the leader board. When my segment was created I was ranked 38 out of 42 riders. WTF! My ego was bruised, but I looked at the riders.  It appears that they use this loop as part of the under 23 championship route.  Those guys absolutely hammered it through there.
Several years later over 119 riders have now ridden this loop, and I’m still right down the bottom.  But I hope that this segment I set-up with such a cliché title may have encouraged some of those riders to ride this course.
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