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My wife & I were staying in Port Campbell.  I went for an exploration ride around the backstreets. I was descending a hill, and could see a car looking to come out of one of the side streets.  My first instinct was to have a contingency plan if she didn’t see me. Initially it looked as if she had, so no dramas.  Then of course she changes her mind and drives straight at me at the last second. I didn’t panic, as knew I just needed to speed up a bit to beat her to the curb.  And did so with about a foot to spare. When she was a couple of metres away she saw that she was about to smash into me.  Crapping herself and came to a complete stop.

I rode off, shook my head, but no worries. About 10 minutes later the lady passes me near the town centre. She apologises profusely, and I reassured her that I wasn’t worried. The lady then repeats the apology, and I thought it a bit strange.  Saying “no harm no foul“. She then tells me that it was my fault as I was wearing dark clothing, and seemed to start to put the blame on me. I tried to cut her off.  She started arguing that there’s not much traffic on that road, so is unusual to see someone, blah, blah, blah.

I said “why don’t you quit while you’re behind.  No harm no foul. I’ve got no problem so let’s leave it at that”.

And rode off on her!

It’s a scary thought that no one wants to see themselves as the bad guy, and will justify anything to make them not seem bad. This could happen whilst driving, so it’s not just a worry on the bike. I’m just glad I’m always vigilant of bad drivers.

Port Campbell foreshore. Image by Rob Deutscher; Flickr

For what it’s worth, here’s my Strava Activity for that ride:

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