Return to the Demons Double

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It was an understatement to say I wasn’t happy with how the 3 Peaks turned out. I wanted some form of redemption.  Working out with Chris Cox to do the Demon’s Double with him. I had screwed up the previous time on this ride and experienced a world of pain, and came up with a great idea. We needed supplies on the way back with food, drink and some extra clothes for the descent of Donna. I screwed up the last time with running out of water, and didn’t want to repeat this mistake. I figured we could load all of these into a back pack.  Then on the way out hide it in a bush at the base, so when we come back it would be easy to reach.

Chris Cox and mwa

The weather was nowhere near as good as when I had ridden this with Jordan. I really wanted today’s ride to go well. We cruised up to Reefton.  Luckily I had a little extra pace than him on the Reefton Spur climb.  Opting to do the whole thing in the big dog for the second time. We got down to Maryville in good shape, but I wasn’t feeling as good as I was the last time.

Top of Lake Mountain

Lake Mountain

I had to pace Chris up Lake Mountain, and for me the day was going well. We bombed down the Reefton Spur.  I was hoping not to burn myself out on it like last time. Half way down, I was sitting about 20 metres behind Chris. He went into a corner, and looked like he had a decent line.  He simply dropped it into a blind corner at over 45 km/h.  My first concern was a car flying around the corner. I threw my bike to the side of the road and rushed over to him. He was in shock, and his kit was a bit ripped up. He didn’t seem to have broken anything, and somehow just managed to scratch himself up. Lucky bastard!

We were over 45 km’s from the car, and if something bad had happened.  It would have taken me ages to ride back to the car and drive back. His bike was ok, and he was able to continue on.  But was quite shaken and said that he probably wouldn’t do Donna.

I took the lead.  The section from Reefton to Warby was challenging as there were head winds into quite a few sections.  I had to go into TT mode to smash them out. We averaged close to 32 km/h on what is a horribly undulating section.  It’s still one of my favourite efforts that I’ve ever done. We got to the base of Donna, and I thought that I was going to say goodbye to Chris.

In typical CC fashion, he said screw feeling like crap. I’m climbing Donna!

For the whole ride I had it on Chris, and figured that Donna would be the same. The thing is, I have this hate, hate relationship with Donna.  Nearly every time I’ve climbed it I’ve been sick, exhausted, it’s freezing or some sort of hellish experience. I guess this time I just ran out of energy and bonked, and needed Chris to carry me up Donna. He could have easily ridden off on me, but the moral support he offered really helped me up the climb.

Hey the day didn’t quite go to plan, and could have turned sour easily. With a ride of this sort of magnitude, you can be relieved with just finishing it. Me, I’m a sick puppy. I recently lost a KOM on Brisbane Road in Warburton. I guess my original hopes were to blitz the course, and then feel strong after and go to get the KOM back. Yes I was wrecked, and could barely move.  You’d think some sort of common sense would prevail.  Especially as the segment was 500 metres @ 13%.

I did a lap of Warburton trying to get some life back into my legs and then went for it. I don’t think I need to describe how it feels to sprint up a 13% gradient on dead legs. Pouring concrete into your shoes may be putting it nicely. I got the KOM back, but was it worth it? Since then I’ve lost it, but that’s Strava for you. You lease a segment until the next fastest rider comes along.

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Return to the Demons Double
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