Riding the Strezlecki Ranges

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I suggested to my wife that I take her & her mum up to Coal Creek (Korromburra) for a day trip. 
The Coal Creek Heritage Village, which is a 15 hectare tourist attraction.  Similar to Sovereign Hill (Ballarat) but with free entry.  This  was established in 1974.  My parents brought us here many times when we were growing up, and talked my way out of visiting again.  

Negotiating three hours out on the bike, whilst the family enjoyed visiting the village. 

Earlier in the year I drove across the Strezlecki Ranges to Warrigal and had been high on my to do list since then.  I honestly didn’t work out how long the ride would be.  Thinking that it would be about 30 km’s one way.  I figured that I should be able to fit in a three hour block.

It was a really crappy Boxing Day, with 15 degrees, some rain & heavy winds.  As soon as I headed off it started to drizzle, and was getting barraged with cold 30+km cross wind.  It was a bad day to ride, but I just wanted to do this.  I knew I’d be in for a bit of climbing on the way up.  The Ranges are more a series of undulating climbs.  I pushed hard and enjoyed the scenery, albeit overcast and wet.  Half way through the ranges I saw a sign saying Warrigal 20 km’s.  I underestimated how long it would be. 

Oh shit I thought!  I’m screwed for time. 

I worked out the math in my head.  Coming to the conclusion that it would be doable to get out there & back if I completely smashed myself.  There was the hope that the return trip will be more downhill.  I apologised to my legs and went for it.  I came upon several steep descents, and a voice was saying that I would be in trouble on the way back.  There was more climbing than I anticipated but was just focused on getting to Warrigul.  I kept riding, covering the 40 km’s in 1 hour & 12 minutes & averaged 32.6 km/h.

I had to return into a head wind, and the rain picked up.  To be honest the return trip was a blur.  I was in the pain cave the whole way.  The thought, “can’t piss off the wife, can’t piss off the wife“.  Kept repeating in my head.  There turned out to be more climbing than the way out.  The weather got a bit colder & a lot wetter, but I managed to average 30.5 km/h which on tired legs in those conditions, I don’t know how I did it.

I got back to the car with 2 minutes to spare, & averaged almost 31kmph for the whole ride
You would love to do this ride, but make sure that you give yourself enough time 🙂

Riding the Strezlecki Ranges

I took this photo from the top of the Strezlecki Ranges on a day that had decent weather.

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