40000 February

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40000 February

At the end of February 2014 I was going to Everest for the first time.  I was living, dreaming, & breathing climbing.  Looking back, I would not have thought possible that in February 2014 alone that I would climb 40,000 vertical.  This is over 1,400 vertical per day on average, which is a lot considering I also took 9 days off the bike (19 riding days).  Much of my time was spent in the Dandenong’s.  Though I was also able to get in 6 Mountain climbs.  This included Mount Buller, and the Reefton Spur.  I also climbed Mount Donna Buang from all four main ascents (Don Valley, Panton Gap, the main tourist road and Acheron Way up to the top).  

There was also some crazy rides.  I was also able to do 10 repeats of Mast Gully on a 38 degree day. 

This was pretty extreme, even for my standards, amongst a heck of a lot of climbing.
It wasn’t easy, and I was either climbing, or doing rehab.  My legs were constantly in pain, and needed to do a lot of stretching that month.  I was also getting weekly acupuncture sessions for my quads, and massages wherever I could fit them in.

I was very proud of doing 40,000 vertical during the month of February.  I’ve read that GC riders preparing for the Tour de France do upwards of 10,000 – 15,000 vertical per week for the 3 weeks leading up to the Tour de France.  To put that in perspective, I did a similar amount around a Full-time job (admitingly not at high altitude like the Tour de France riders would, and a fraction slower J).

I had such an amazing month.  Would I do it again?  No frekkin way!  There is no way that I could not put myself through all that pain again.  I reckon I’ll be happy to let this record sit.
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