Green Edge Ride Part 3

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In 5 days of riding I had completed over 500 km & over 10,000 vertical with much of it being at altitude.  I was pretty exhausted to say the least.  Last night I went out for a short recovery ride.  This turned out to be a bit bigger than planned.

Pacing myself isn’t my strong point.  My plan for the day was to start quite a bit back in the field and sit in a slow group and let them pace me.  I needed to make sure I never got to the front to the pace making.

When I’m at the front I only have the one speed.

I headed out in the 6th group & had Luke Durbridge & Cameron Meyer pace us out.  There was also a lady from the Orica AIS squad that I was able to chat with for the first 10 km of the ride. After spending the week at altitude I was surprised at how easy it was for me to breath.  Even though I was exhausted I could keep up the pace easily.

Green Edge Ride Part 3

We hit the first drink stop and the thing I didn’t want to happen happened.  I was up the front looking at a hill.  I tried to go slow.  Cruising up it in the big dog & halfway up looked over my shoulder and the Peleton was 100 metres behind me.  WTF!   I dropped them like a sack of spuds and was in no mans land.  Did I want to drop back or go for it?  Without trying I had dropped the field easily and wasn’t exerting myself and thought why not.

Without hurting myself too much I put the foot down.

Making some incredible time and single handily overtaking two of the groups that had left before us.  Somehow easily overtaking riders.  I didn’t know if this was going to be one of those blinders.  Or potentially a really bad one when I eventually bonk from exhaustion.

I turned off for the main climb of the day, and a couple of km in I sensed riders behind me.  There was a Peleton closing in on me.  I felt I must have been riding bad and picked up the pace a little but was caught 4 km down the road at the base of the climb.  Cameron Meyer was leading the group so I didn’t feel so bad about getting caught.

I knew I couldn’t afford to cook myself on the climb.

Really lowering my tempo at the start and surprisingly was keeping pace with Cameron Meyer & the Orica AIS lady.  We dropped everyone I kept up with them for the first 3 km of the climb.  Cam said to me “you’re a pretty decent climber”, and I told him that honestly was wrecked from doing 10,000 vert over the past 5 days.  He asked me where, and I told him Koszkiosko and it was nice to hear him say “yeah that’ll do it to you!”.

I went into the hurt box shortly after and dropped off on them.  They pushed about 500 metres up ahead of me before I managed to get a second wind.  From here I was able to drop it into the big dog and crank out some extra Watts and I kept them in my sights for the remainder of the climb.  Somehow I ended up nailing 4th spot on the second half of the climb, and just wish I hadn’t struggled up that middle bit.  I wasn’t giving the 2nd half full gas & how I wish sometimes you could know the invisible time of Strava.

I would have given it some gas and could have possibly nailed the KOM on the day……

At the lunch stop I kept an eye out for when the Green Edge boys were leaving.  Trying to jump into their group but I know I can’t descend well and never was in the hunt.  I dropped off and started to ride solo.  With the heat of the day picking up was starting to struggle with 60 km to go.  I rode 15 km solo before a group caught up to me and I jumped onto their wheels.  The pace was fast, and I was doing everything I could to hang on.

I had ridden incredibly given my level of exhaustion.  My ride ended about 7 km from the finish line when I just couldn’t hold onto the group anymore and dropped off.  When I dropped off I wasn’t worried with such a short distance to get back to base.  I definately could not have anticipated the hell I was about to go through.  I didn’t account for the fact that it was incredibly hot and I soon ran out of water.  Bonking from dehydration.

The miles seemed to drag on forever and it was hell grinding back into a head wind.
Green Edge Ride Part 3


It was such a relief to get back to Michelton Wineries.
I love this event and got a chance to chat with Matthew White, director of the OGE team after which was interesting.  This capped off an amazing, but challenging week of cycling.

Here is a link to my Strava file here:

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