10 hot repeats of Mast Gully Road

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It was fast approaching the time of the Everest. The big thing at the start with the Everests was secrecy. We weren’t supposed to tell anyone what we were doing. In preparation for my Everest, I went and did 13 repeats of Perrins Creek after work.  I pushed too too hard and really re-assessed the way I planned to tackle how I was going to Everest. I needed something harder to train on & went down to Inverness Avenue in Montrose.  Knocking out 16 repeats which was I actually really enjoyed. I would have kept going, but had a picnic lunch I had to get to.

Being me, I wanted bigger and better. Unfortunately there isn’t much in the Dandenong’s harder than Inverness.   There’s Terry’s, but that’s just plain stupid. Invermay was a possibility, but I had my heart set on Mast Gully Road. I had recently done 3 repeats on it, and it was a major challenge. I felt that 10 was the magic number, and would help me to get one step closer to Everest.

Given the hot forecast for the day I knew the repeats on Mast Gully would likely kill me.  I had this crazy notion to go & smash out a whole heap of segments first.  Then go and tackle Mast Gully after. Given there was 38 degrees forecast, twas going to be a tall order. I started in Belgrave South, and worked my way around to Mast Gully. I was feeling really strong on the day, and was happy with some of my times.

Mast Gully Road

The experience I got on Mast Gully really helped me through some of my Everests. It was frekin hot, and I had sweat pouring off on me. That first steep pinch I can get up easily enough, but was exposed to the sun.  This ride took a fair bit of effort this day. The second half of the climb offered its own challenges.

When your boiling hot, and you’re crawling up gradients over 20% it doesn’t tickle.

After each lap I was spent, and had to spend a fair bit of time trying to recover at the top.   A lot of riders fear Mast Gully, but I like it. Cars aren’t allowed to turn off the main road.  So its local traffic only, & you rarely get to see any cars. The descent down the top half is actually a fun descent.  There aren’t any technical corners that would worry you. Instead of descending down the Alexander Avenue segment.  I went the long way around, and found it a very safe alternative.

After 6 laps I wanted to throw in the towel, and went down to the 7-Eleven to get a Slurpee. That frozen slushee saved me, and helped to cool down my temperature enough to go back for some more punishment. I knocked out two more, and knew that I couldn’t stop so close to 10. It was slow, and it wasn’t pretty but I climbed Mast Gully 10 times with the mercury reaching 38 degrees.

So many Everests have been done around Victoria.  Mast Gully is one of the last iconic climbs which still hasn’t been Everested which is testimony to how difficult it is. Maybe I’m the only one who’s done 10 repeats. Who knows, but at least I know I’m the only one who would have done it in such an extreme temperature.

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