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I had hoped to do an epic Mountain bike ride during the Spring.  With a route planned from home to Warburton, returning via the Dandenong’s.  We had originally hoped for between 200 – 300ckm’s. Unfortunately I fell heavily sick.  Common sense prevailed as I was just not getting better closer to the date. I had thrown out some invitations and had a group of riders interested.  Thankfully most of them were ok with doing a revised plan.

I still had a chest infection, and was honest with myself that 50 km’s was probably about the best I could do. I messaged Sambo seeing if he could suggest something. He said to meet at Gembrook.

There was a bit of dirt sorted out for us.

Milinda, Craig Lee, Mick Longin & myself met Sambo at Gembrook.  Heading towards Beenak Road on our Mountain Bikes. The Road led us through to the Kurth Kiln regional Park, and was an awesome road to ride. There were several medium sized 2-3 km climbs. It was a little frustrating. My legs felt great after all the rest I’d had whilst sick and I was flying up those hills.  Then would start to wheeze, and struggle to breath, and started heavy coughing fits and had to really pace myself.

It was only a couple of degrees & blood cold.  There was snow forecasted around the area during the day.  I knew I wasn’t doing myself any favours by riding in this crap. Although heavily rugged up, it’s always a danger when you sweat that you could cop mild hypothermia in these conditions.


Mick had tubeless tyres, and his day was ruined by having several punctures that he couldn’t fix. He had to work so much harder than everyone else with little air in his tires.  It was truly a gutsy effort on his part. Don’t think he enjoyed the ride as much as the rest of us. I really enjoyed some of the climbs, but the highlight was on the return trip. Milinda suggested that we go the long way down a side road.

I’m usually really nervous on the descents, and the roads were in pretty bad shape. We bombed down this road and everyone dropped me which was no surprise.  I actually found my rhythm, and was able to push quite hard for me on the descents and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

My chest infection took its toll, and on the way back I started to feel fatigue creeping in.

I fell in with my long-time friend “the hurt locker”. Just as we reached Gembrook the skies opened up, and it hailed. Within a couple of minutes the road was covered in a sea of white.  We were incredibly lucky that we were under cover at the time. We all were covered from head to toe in mud, and had a blast!

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