And that makes 50000

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On Monday, I was commuting home down the Eastlink trail.  It was a nice cold night to ride and it was growing dark. My lights blazing.  I was passing the Mulgrave Reserve when I finally ticked over 50,000 km’s since I started back riding in 2011.  It has been an amazing journey.  To put this into perspective how far I have traveled.

The circumference of the Earth is 40,008 km long.

And that makes 50000

I came into riding after rupturing my Achilles Tendon back in 2009.  The first years were a real struggle.  I had to battle Bursitos in my knees & a weakened right Achilles.  Plus I wasn’t a good rider.  I really found my niche after staying up late to watch Cadel Evans win the Tour De France.  His victory inspired me to go out & buy a second hand Road Bike (Shogun Ninja).  Shortly after buying my new steed.

I was in a bike store, and they mentioned they do store rides up to the Dandenong’s which was on a Saturday.  Given that I had never climbed before.   It seemed nuts to get up so early for a bike ride (7:00 am start).  At the time I bitched that it was absolutely freezing.  Then had a hell of a time climbing up the 1:20 but I did it, and have come so far since.

And that makes 50000
I admit that I don’t have the greatest fashion sense

I had some absolutely horrible experiences at the start of my climbing career.

Throwing up quite a few times which you would think would have turned me off climbing.  As the months passed, it seemed much less painful to get up the hills.  I realised that my skinny body was suited for climbing and I got faster and faster.  Then started to really get out there and explore more.  I was really determined to climb all of the major climbs close by.

And that makes 50000

Looking back it’s hard to single something out as highlight.  I’ve completed all the major recreational events with 3 Peaks, ATB 250, Dirty Dozen etc.  I’ve finished 6 Everests, ridden 6 Triple Centuries & 13 Double Centuries.  As a bonus I been fortunate to have ridden around a large part of Victoria.

And that makes 50000

With a baby on the way it will be time to unwind, and I can certainly say that I’ve had no regrets.  I honestly could not have dreamed to have been able to have done half of the things I’ve done on a bike.  In many years to come.  Hopefully I’ll be taking out my kid for a ride and watch them grow as an athlete.  Hopefully I’ll be able to give my child a run for their money as long as I am willing and able to keep up with them.  It’s inevitable that one day they will be faster than me, but hey.  Then it’s game on!  But then again I never take myself seriously.

50,000 down, who knows how more to go………………

And that makes 50000

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    carolynswriting said:
    July 1, 2015 at 9:29 pm

    A massive achievement, B, congratulations! Love the last photo especially 🙂

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