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I left Benalla quite happy. Stopping in at a Bakery and was happily munching away at my goodies wondering what my next plan was. I was thinking of stopping in Whittlesea and riding around there.  The more I thought of it, the more I questioned why I would ride somewhere that I’d ridden before. I grabbed my phone & opened up Google Maps and scrolled south.  Noticing the town of Broadford. It sounded vaguely familiar, and I noticed a good sized loop that you could ride south of there to Kilmore.


Why not I thought.

When I turned off the Freeway I recognised the town. I had briefly stopped here with my wife many years back and really loved the area. Pulling over, I looked up my Strava map, and I was tired.  Admitting that I didn’t have anything in the legs to push. I saw that there was a 9 km section from Broadfard to Benalla which averaged around 2%.  With many country towns the times are nearly always impossible to beat. All the locals have to do is wait for a windy day, and its never surprising to see average times well over 50 km/h over the place.

I tried to set a brisk pace out of the highway. The climbing wasn’t hard, but it was undulating and I tried to push but the legs gave out on me and I had to find a pace to survive up the climbs. I pushed all the way to Kilmore and was relieved to take a break in town. When I uploaded my ride later on I was shocked to see that I scored a KOM for a 2km climb on the ride up to Kilmore. Can 100% guarantee that I will be getting one of those “you suck” emails in the future.

I fluffed around Kilmore & was feeling pretty exhausted.

The rest of the ride was cruise control (damage control), and the climb out of Kilmore was hell.  I crawled up it.

I found the descent on the other side now was pure fun. Sitting well over 60 km/h for most of it and it just had those nice little corners that added some fun.  And straight enough that I could take them at full speed.

The rest of the ride was quite undulating and I was tired. I had nothing in the tank and went as quick (slow) as my body would allow. The scenery was impressive, and the road was quiet. I had a Magpie come and say a quick hello, but he didn’t hit me so didn’t worry me at all.

I was extremely tired when I rode back into Broadford.  When I finally managed to get home fell straight asleep. All up this capped off a great weekend.  Given that I only had two weeks to recover from nothing to what I was able to achieve over the weekend was easily one of my best recoveries ever.

I have Ole Dirty to look forward to next weekend.

Here is a link to my Strava Activity here:


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