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My winter campaign took another blow this week.  I had the stupid idea of going jogging on my lunch break on Thursday.  It was a surprise that I could jog 5 km at a good pace after not jogging for years.  I woke up the next day to discover that I had torn a muscle in my left calf, both Quadraceps.  Plus several other soft tissue injuries throughout my legs.

I had trouble walking and was limping badly Friday.  After 3 weeks of really bad weather, to do this when the weather finally turned good was…….

I was in no shape to ride for the weekend.  After spending hours stretching Friday night.  Then sitting in a hot bath for over 2 hours hoping to get my body right, but to no avail.  I was still in pain and limping.  With a ride planned the next day, I should have pulled out.

But that’s not a thing I would do lightly. ;00

When I woke up at 5:00 am in pain and should have gone back to bed.  I figured I could at least drive out to say hi to the boys.  Then maybe to a really light ride to test the legs.  Stryder didn’t show so I said to Matt if he was o.k to just ride really slowly I could see what I could do.

Thankfully the muscles which were torn weren’t riding muscles.  I could ride, albeit slowly.  I had no power, but could freely pedal.  Every now & again my body would remind me how it was feeling when I’d get a massive stab of pain.

When we set out it was a warm 3.5 degrees.  I’m using the word warm as the mercury plummeted.  The further north we traveled to Coldstream the colder it got.  Finally dipping to a chilly minus 1.3 degrees.  Matt made a comment as to why it was called Coldstream….

Given the circumstances I was glad I rode as the scenery was simply stunning and was yet another glorious sunrise to watch.  I was hurting, & knew I’d be hurting a lot worse after but enjoyed the moment.

We rode close to 40 km, & it only averaged 1 degree overall.
The question I’m facing is how quickly I can bounce back from this set-back and get over this hurt and start focusing on the San Mirinda Gran Fondo which is a little over 4 weeks away.

I suggested Matt go fro his first ever 150km ride today, and he nailed it.  He did it in style climbing one of the hardest climbs in the Dandenong’s; Old Coach Road in the process.

Here is a link to his Strava Activity here.  He deserves quite a few Kudos for this effort:

I was getting lunch on the way home, and a little kid said aloud; “mummy, why is that man walking funny?”.  Gotta love the honesty of children.  I was lucky to be able to get a couple of hours sleep in the afternoon which took away a fair bit of the pain.  Will I ride tomorrow…….

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