Crash test dummies

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At the last minute I had work cancel on the weekend, which opened the doors for a longer ride. I was going to join Christian Purnomo on part of an epic he was planning. Christian and I last rode with at the Tarra Bulga National park. I put together a route & thankfully had Geert message me saying he’d be interested in joining in.

The Patch

I well overdressed. I didn’t realise that it was 13 degrees at 7:00am. The weather was nice and I could easily get used to this sort of weather. I was leading the way.  As we were turning onto A’beckett Road I had taken both of the guys up here before so didn’t bother sticking my arm out to say we were turning right.  Just assuming they’d know the way. I went to turn & was hit by Christian. I weathered the hit & kept the bike upright & turned to the left to avoid further collision.

For some reason Christian kept turning left into me & basically our bikes tangled up & we hit the deck.

We were both unhurt thankfully, but soon found out that I had issues with my brakes which kept rubbing on the wheel. I thought it strange that I was struggling up the climb.  Pulling over a couple of k’s later to discover that I couldn’t even spin my back wheel. I manually pushed it back into place but over the course of the next 20 km it kept moving out of place.  Rubbing against the wheel which I wasn’t realising till I was really struggling.  I had to pull over another 3 times after I had burnt a tonne of energy that I didn’t need to.  The boys kept flying off on me, & I had a sneaky suspicion that both of them enjoyed that with some of the pain I’ve dished out over the years.

Perrins Creek Road

Also funnily enough there’s a really vicious Magpie on the corner of Robinsons & Harkaway Road. I’ve outrun him on the descent before & gave it another crack. I was doing at least 45 kmph & that sucker scratched my back twice & made love to my helmet.

I’ve got to give him credit for his athleticism.

It was a windy day & challenging conditions, but the sun was out & we were treated to a glorious day in Cardinia. We stopped off @ Elephant Rock to get some picks & headed into Emerald. The day was all about Geert & Christian. Christian’s recovering from knee injury from earlier in the year & Geert has a score to settle with the 3 Peaks. We’ve all been in a campaign to get back our climbing legs & there was plenty of vertical throughout the ride to do this. As a bonus I was able to show both of them new climbs which I always enjoy doing.

Elephant Rock

Geert had to leave us in Montrose & I rode up to the top of the 1:20 with Christian. This may sound odd coming from me, but my two favourite moments of the day were descents. I just love the descent from Sky High down to Montrose. 10 km of pure fun.

There is also a descent on Sheffhield Road where I was hitting speeds at over 70 km/h that was magical to glide down.
Sky High

We had to battle winds for much of the ride, but thankfully I had the wind to my back on the way home & it seemed to fly. I’m riding in Amy’s Gran Fondo tomorrow, and know that today’s 125 km knockout has hurt me more than it should have. On the positive side I’ve really started to recover well & starting to show signs of being able to climb properly again. The hills are hurting less & I’m able to put a little oompf in here & there.  Curious to see how the legs pull up after this one.

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    September 13, 2015 at 11:10 am

    […] I’ve wanted to do this event for a number of years as it offers the only opportunity for a safe passage down the Great Ocean Road. I’ve only had limited opportunites to ride small sections of this amazing road in the past. Usually Lorne is well over a 2 hour drive for me, but with up to 6,000 cyclists merging on Lorne I had to leave extra early & had quite a few days in a row this week where I had to get up really early and was feeling it.  I also did a ride yesterday which left me a little worse for the wear. […]

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