Day 3 Glenorchy

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We signed ourselves up for this Lord of the Rings tour.  This took us to a number of locations which films such at LOTR, The Wolverine, Narnia and a host of other movies have been shot.  It’s funny how we came about to doing a Lord of the Rings tour.  My wife Serena isn’t interested in Lord of the Rings.  But loved the idea of seeing a whole lot of great scenery.

The views all throughout were absolutely stunning.

Glenorchy is a small settlement at the northern end of Lake Wakatipu.  Its around 45 km’s to the west of Queenstown.  The photo above was taken where they filmed a scene from Lord of the Rings.  This doubled as Lothlorien, and the scene where Boromir was slain.

We then visited Paradise (literally there’s a town called Paradise).  LOTR, Narnia & this stretch of road was motorbiked by Hugh Jackman in the Wolverine.

We had a great morning. We returned to Queenstown where we spent the afternoon at the Queenstown Wildlife Park.  Here we got to know New Zealand’s most famous icon the Kiwi.  It was sure hard to get Serena out of there.

We then took the Gondalla & my two stomachs up to the “All you can eat” Sky Restaurant.  One of my favorite parts of our holiday.  The Restaurant offers incredible views of the region with an abundance of entertainment.

The views were amazing, and the food…..  This is easily the best buffet restaurant.  Unfortunately we didn’t have a long time there and it was an effort to eat six plates of food in an hour and a half (those voices in my head insisted that I try everything).

Serena wanted to watch the Maori Haka performance and it was a treat.  The show was interactive & both of us got to perform on stage.

Yet another fantastic day

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