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With 16 days to go till the birth of my son I went through my usual routine to get ready for work. I checked to see how the missus was going & unfortunately she has tonsillitis.  We were waiting on test results to see if they were going to induce the baby early. My wife has been sick for 9 days & I finally felt myself getting sick.  I figured the best course of action was to get my cardio working as hard as I could.  Really pushing myself on the way to work. Hopefully I could shake the virus before it hit.

I had a slight headwind that made me work that little harder but I still managed one of my fastest ever times to work.

10:30 am I get the call; “my waters broken”………

Obviously I had to get home ASAP & I my mind went into TT mode. Stud Road is the quickest way for me to get home & I told my legs they would need to average over 40 km/h to get home quick enough to get my wife to hospital.

I would apologise to them later.

Do they know me well at work? I had most of the office telling me that I was not to drive & would be driven. Guess they suspected what I had in mind. I figured it would take me 20 minutes longer to ride.  Which wasn’t acceptable when there were other options.

On the way home I found out that my wives brother Jason had taken Serena to the hospital.  This eased a lot of pressure off me. I had nothing packed and now had time to pack my luggage.  We needed to go to the chemist I rushed into get some supplies from Safeway to keep me going over the coming days.

9:32 pm we became proud parents to William Jasper Edwards who was 8.5 pounds & 54 cm long.

This year has been quite a journey to a new life.

They say a journey of a thousand steps always begins with a single footstep……

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3 thoughts on “Just another commute

    carolynswriting said:
    November 1, 2015 at 11:07 am

    Ahh, very good, B! Glad the little guy arrived safely and that you were actually there to witness it, rather than riding the hills somewhere 😉 Congratulations to Serena & yourself and little William (PS we all love the name at work!)

      Brendan Edwards said:
      November 1, 2015 at 7:53 pm

      Thanks Carolyn. We haven’t had much chance to see him yet, but hope to get him today. He’s been sun bathing the past day. Should be home from the hospital on Tuesday 🙂

        carolynswriting said:
        November 1, 2015 at 9:12 pm

        Exciting! We’re looking forward to the first visit to the office 🙂

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