A ride around Lyserfield Lake

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I live a little over 3 km to the back entrance of Lysterfield Lake.  This is one of Melbourne’s most popular Mountain Bike destinations and offers over 20 km of Mountain Bike single track as well as some great fire trails to ride.  There is some amazing riding and literally is in my back yard.  Given the amount of cycling I do you would think I would spend a bit of time out there…….

This was only the second time I’ve ridden my Mountain bike over the past 6 months.  I actually have a nice Mountain Bike which more often than not gathers dust in the shed.  I did this ride shortly after the birth of my son & I was still feeling a bit shell shocked & really took it easy.

It’s good to do a ride once in a blue moon where you just ride for the pleasure of it.  Where the slower you go the more you get to enjoy the scenery around you.

The plan wasn’t to hit the single trails.  I was rusty & I knew my wife would kill me if I had a stack, and hurt myself………

But then again I was feeling it & riding the Mountain Bike well and what she doesn’t know…….

One thing I like about Lysterfield is that the trails are ever changing.  With a high volume of riders mashing up the trails, & nature doing its thing.  There’s always a new bump here, or root to dodge there which keeps you on your toes.  Mountain Biking offers a great cardio workout & depends on balance & great braking which both benefit the Road bike.

I had several Kangaroos leap out in front of me, but thankfully I wasn’t travelling that fast.  Given I was riding during the week I had a rare day where I had the trails to myself and only saw 2 other riders out and about.

Trig Point

Sadly I only had a little over an hour to ride & felt like I was just getting started when the ride was nearing its end.  I climbed Trig Point which is Lysterfields highest peak to climb & enjoyed the 360 degree views from the top before descending down to the Churchill National Park before heading home.

This was definitely short but sweet.

Here is a link to my Strava Activity here:

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