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One of my favourite commutes for 2014 was a morning which was minus 1.5 degrees.  Most of the grass along the way to work was frozen solid, and at that stage it was the coldest ride that I had ever done.  It was golden and I was really hoping for a similar ride this year.

The forecast for this morning was windy and 3.5 degrees.  How delighted I was that the weatherman got this wrong.  The air was still and crisp and right from my doorstep it was minus 1 degrees.  On my commute I travel through Dandenong North & Scoresby which are some of the coldest suburbs in Melbourne.  The Eastlink trail takes you through this pocket that is always 2 – 3 degrees colder than anywhere else.

I looked at my phone app & it said it was 1 degrees outside.  So I put on some extra kit and wore 2 pairs of socks, shoe covers, 2 pairs of gloves, leg-ins, shorts, 2 x t-shirts, arm warmers, neck warmer, skull cap & a winter jacket.  I could feel that it was freezing on my face.

But I was warm since I was dressed like an Eskimo.

Looking at my watch I was running 7 minutes late.  So went the short-cut across the Dandenong Police Paddocks and I knew I was in for something special when I saw fog there.  The sun was rising and it was glorious outside.  When I crossed under Stud Road it was minus 2.2 degrees & hit the Tirhatuan Lakes it was gold!  The sun was rising over the lake & this is easily one of the highlights of my commute.

Average temperature for the ride was 0 degrees

I was running late, and should have been making tracks, but I kept stopping to take photos.  I was spewing that I didn’t leave earlier to allow myself time.  It was challenging taking photos as I had two pairs of gloves on, so had to jump off the bike remove the gloves, struggle to get the camera out, take some snaps, get back onto the bike, realise I was late & then speed off.

I was like a kid in a candy store.  When I hit High Street Road it had finally warmed up to 0 degrees and I started to shed more and more layers.  I looked at the time & realised that to get to work from here I had to average close to 30kmph.  Trying to sprint when it’s around 0 degrees has its own challenges and I went into TT mode, and boy was it fun.

I couldn’t be late to work as I had to divert the phones at 9:00am.  I got there with 5 minutes to spare.  This easily goes down as one of my favourite commutes.

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