Maiden ride for 2015

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This is my first blog, and I have no idea where this blog will take me.  I have no ambitions, no expectations.  Maybe one day someone will read this.                                                          

I was staying at my brother-in-laws place near Bacchus Marsh.  Deciding to start the New Year with a loop from the Marsh up to Gisborne returning via Melton.  I had only ridden this loop once several years back, and it was cold, foggy & wet that day.  For the small amount of climbing along the way between Bacchus to Gisborne, it’s a really tough slog.  There’s several climbs along the way, but for the most part there’s a false flat for over 20 km’s which really wears you down. 

I encountered a stiff cross wind which made for some hard work.  Doing alot of work without setting the leaderboards on fire.  It’s always nice to get out & about on a Public Holiday riding. There is usually minimal traffic, and you’re less likely to encounter road rage.  Most people tend to be in good spirits.  The last 8 km’s to Gisborne, I had a tail wind, but this was about the only respite I enjoyed for the entire day.  I stopped in at the local Bakery, and had some pick me up breakfast, and headed south towards Melton.  I was hoping for some PB’s along the way, which shouldn’t have been too hard.  It’s about 24 km’s, which mainly downhill all the way to Melton.

Apart from false flats, I don’t enjoy descending into a stiff head wind. 

The wind was coming hard from my right.  I really had to work hard, to average a sad 32 km/h on a 12 km downhill segment.  The scenery isn’t the greatest on this road, and I was not enjoying myself.  I kept ploughing on.  A couple of km’s out of Melton I tried to dodge a bit of metal that was on the side of the road, but skimmed it.  This piece of metal got thrown up & heard it hit my rim, then bounced off one of my spokes.  Then slammed into my frame, and I was worried that something bad was about to happen.

Then heard the hhhhsssssttt!!!

This piece of metal ended up being thrown into the side of my tyre, & ripped a hole about half the size of a 5 cent piece.  I needed to fill the hole, and it was a shame that I used my $10 dollar note to pay for breakfast as all I had on me were $50 notes.  Didn’t really want to use that in the tyre.  Next to the bike was a Fast Food wrapper that had been thrown out, and I decided to use that to jerry rig the hole (yeah I know…)

I rode on, and the wrapper didn’t fit properly, and I could feel a slight bump in the rear wheel.  As long as it got me home, I didn’t care.  From Melton I turned into a stiff head wind, and knew that the rest of the trip was going to suck. 

Of course 6 km’s later I heard the hhhhsssssttt!!!

Maiden ride for 2015
 I was about 20 km’s from Bacchus Marsh, and about to use my last inner tube.  With no guarantee that I could jerry rig the hole properly.  I had no choice but to use a $50 note to plug the gap (why couldn’t I have a $5 note on me).  There was the option of calling the Sag wagon, but would rather only use that as the last resort.  The ride back to my brother-in-laws was on egg shells.  The wind had changed direction during my ride.  Somehow copping uncomfortable winds for most of the ride.  A double puncture, and I will need to replace the tyre.  Not the best starts to 2015.  It was quite an exhausting ride for a short 83 km trip, but guess that as a cyclist you have to be prepared for everything.
Maiden ride for 2015
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