Milford Sound

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We got up really early to do the Milford Sound tour & were really excited.  Unfortunately the tour group couldn’t pick us up from our Hotel & we had to walk 1 & a half km’s down to the bus stop to get picked up.  Getting soaked in the process.  We got comfortable on the Bus & halfway to town the Bus driver announces “sorry folks the road to Milford Sound is snowed under and the tour is cancelled!”.  It was a shame that we had to shuffle around plans, and reschedule the tour to the next day.

Mirror Lake

De Ja Vu when the alarm went of early the next day, and it was dark & cold outside.  At least it wasn’t raining.  Yesterday we were full of beans, but today we were pretty tired.  Serena slept the afternoon yesterday.  Foolishly I went for a hike up the hills behind the hotel & boy were they steep.

10 km’s of torturous hiking left me with shin splints today & I was really feeling it.

The delayed trip was worth the wait.  The Coach trip was great with incredible views.  We stopped off a couple of times & there was always a Kodak moment to be had.

The snow that ruined our day yesterday made today magical.  The sky was blue and we got to see Snow.

I’ve only ever been to the snow a handful of times, & only once have I seen a decent amount of Snow.

This Snow was all fluffy and powdery and we were loving it.

Serena wanted a photo of Snow flying in the air in front of her and asked me to throw some Snow towards her.  Think you can guess what happened……

I’m not allowed to touch my bike for the week.  I can tell you it was pure torture to see the amazing climb in & out of Milford Sound and don’t get to climb it.

Milford Sound is a Fiord in the south west of New Zealand’s South Island.  Running 15 kilometres inland from the Tasman Sea and is surrounded by sheer rock faces that rise 1,200 metres or more on either side. 
Milford Sound
It is located within the Fiordland National Park which is a World Heritage listed site.  Milford Sound is acclaimed as New Zealand’s most famous tourist destination.
Milford Sound is also famous for its Waterfalls.
The Captain navigated the boat right under this Waterfall, & if you were daring (crazy) enough you could stand on deck & get soaked as I did.
Just to cap it off 3 Dolphins came and swam by us which was amazing.
Milford Sound was incredible!
We really needed a rest day.  Alas we had to be up early to pack & check out early so that we could catch the bus up to Wanaka.

I can’t remember much of the return trip as exhaustion then motion sickness set in.  I felt like throwing up much of the return trip which was a bit of a blur.


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