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3 weeks have passed since the birth of my son, and sleepless nights do take their toll.  On the other hand you get used to broken sleep & the constant feeling of fatigue does become a familiar friend.  I had a thought, and they usually end up in me suffering some manner of pain.  Why not after giving William his 2:00 am feed just jump out on the bike & ride a long deserved century…..

I remembered this cliché title “Morningtonne”, which of course decided where I was to ride.  There was scattered showers forecasted, but there’s nothing I haven’t dealt with before……..

So the morning feed didn’t go so well, & it took me till 3:30 am to get him settled and I wasn’t out the door till 4:00 am.  Straight out the door it was raining.  Just that sleet that clings to your skin.  I was riding into a headwind and the rain was being driven straight into my eyes.  My legs felt fresh & I was riding smoothly but the rain was driving me nuts.  When I hit the Princess Highway the rain picked up and so did the wind.  My ride became a battle for survival.  I pulled over twice to hide from the rain & after a little over 5 km I was prepared to throw in the towel & turn home.  I was soaked to the skin & started to shake.

“You will have a tailwind on the way home” I kept telling myself and kept on riding.

Yes I was seriously questioning my sanity.

I turned onto the Dandenong Creek Trail which was about 15 km of sandy gravel.  Hoping for some relief, instead I experienced hell.  The ground was soft from the rain and my tires felt glued to the ground and moving forward was tough.  That headwind was relentless.  For such a short ride I was feeling my energy quickly sapping.  Even with a tailwind on the way home possibly I wouldn’t have any energy to enjoy it.

When I hit Beach Road & it was such a relief to have the wind hit me from the side.  I was wasted with only 24 km completed.  It rained on & off from here and I wasn’t surprised to see many riders out riding.  Between Carrum & Frankston I saw a total of 5 riders which for a Saturday morning on Beach Road is a rarity.

At Frankston it started raining again & I was very tempted to turn back home, but told myself to suck it up.  I’ve survived countless epics.  How hard could this be?

Soon I hit that headwind again, and found out the answer to how hard this could be.  After making it to Mornington, I spent ages at McDonalds trying to recover.  Fluffing around trying to let my body recover.  I turned onto the Nepean Highway & felt that sensation which is purely magical to any rider.  I felt nothing.  From it being so windy I could not feel a thing and that meant that I had a perfect tail wind.

With dead legs I was suddenly flying.

There’s this small hill just out of Mornington which end on Sunnyside Road.  I wanted a PB & decided to give it some gas, and got out of my seat & sprinted up the first 100 metres and sat on a good tempo.  Looking at the Garmin, I was sitting on about 42 km/h.  I wasn’t going 100%, but 2/3 of the way up I could feel the power going & I dropped down to 37 km/h before I decided to conserve some energy & kept a steady tempo to the top.

When I uploaded my ride I was shocked to discover that I had just posted the 16th fastest time on this hill, which has been ridden by well over 13,000 riders.  I was a second off being in the top 10 & hadn’t given it full gas.  How I wish I could go back and will myself to have gone faster.

What it did was get my blood going & with a tailwind home I went into TT mode and went for PB’s most of the way home.  I was pretty exhausted but was able to pull out something special.

It was a very tough ride with the conditions early on, & I was glad that I endured through the tough early section.  Not only did I get a special ride in but I got to spend the rest of the day with my wife & child.  You can’t get better than that.

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One thought on “Morningtonne

    Dave Edwards said:
    November 22, 2015 at 10:14 pm

    Those are the days that you remember – by yourself, shitty conditions, nothing to play for, but you give it your all and it turns out to be one of the best. Top write up.

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