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I’m excited to be attending the Melbourne 2015 Dirty Dozen which will be held on Sunday 20th September. Up to 400 riders are expected to test themselves against some of the hardest climbs Warburton has to offer. I know that it will be hard, and wondered what it will take to survive?

What’s in store this year?

This could very well be one of the hardest Dirty Dozen courses ever. This is the first year that dirt roads have been introduced, and not one but four have been thrown in to test out the riders. There are some very steep climbs this year, but the most challenging part of this year’s event is the fact that the climbs are so concentrated. The course covers little more than a 10km radius & riders will have very little opportunity to recover in-between climbs.

Image taken by Ewan Hilsdon

So how will you survive?

  • Travel light
  • Pace yourself right from the start
  • Suck it up Princess!  Don’t stop till you get to the top. At times your body will be screaming out ‘no more’, but we can assure you it hurts more (especially your pride) if you have to get off & walk
  • If hills aren’t your thing; go back to Beach Road
  • Save something in reserve for Martyr Road

The climbs:

  1. Madeline Street/Croom Street; 400m @ 17% (unsealed)
  2. Brett Road; 700m @ 13% (sealed)
  3. Brisbane Hill Road; 500m @ 14% (sealed)
  4. Giffords Road/Pheasant Parade; 600m @ 8.8% (sealed)
  5. Ferntree Avenue/Brides Avenue; 1.3km @ 9.7% (unsealed)
  6. Leila Road/Story Road; 800m @ 14% (unsealed)
  7. Milners Gap (south-east side); 1.5km @ 7% (sealed)
  8. Milners Gap (south-west side); 1.6km @ 7% (sealed)
  9. Bacchus Crescent/Damon Court/Pythias Court; 300m @ 17% (sealed)
  10. Dee Road; 1.6km @ 9.3% (sealed)
  11. McKenzie King Drive; 900m @ 9.1% (sealed)
  12. Surrey Road/Kent Street/Sussex Street; 1.5km @ 8.3% (unsealed)
  13. Martyr Road; 300m @ 20% (sealed)

Special note:

I’m aware that there is limited parking around the township of Warburton. I’d recommend you park your car at any of the towns along the Warburton Highway & ride into Warburton.

For a scenic trip we advise to take the Lilydale Warburton Trail.

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