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I’ve always found it challenging to find a riding group to join on the weekends.  With my work schedule I find that the rides are usually too late or too long. I was talked into coming down to the Spider Bikes ride in Beaconsfield.  I’ve known about this group for awhile now & have seen them smashing up Cardinia every now & again.

Spider Bikes

The ride is little over an hour long and covers 26 km over a very undulating course.  With a fair sized climb up Officer Road to Split Rock Road which always is challenging.  There is close to 400 metres of elevation which is enough to appeal to me.  I liked the fact that it was a set course & there was no need for the group to stay together.  Everyone knew where to go.  Riders could go as fast or as slow as they wanted and there was always a friendly pissing contest going on.  You could be cruising along and then a number of riders would smash their way past you going for this segment or that.

There’s no ego about being passed.  Personally I find it great as it inspires you to want to come back & ride faster.  Not to be competitive, but to bring out the best that you can bring.  There are two rest stops to make sure that no one is left behind.

They tend to signify the start of the next pissing contest.

The craziest thing about this group ride is the fact that a number of riders only do it for the descent at the end.  These are guys who hate climbing, but love going the other way.  They are very, very fast and the biggest pissing contest is down Guys Hill where it’s a race to the bottom.  Its fast & furious & descending has always been my weak point .  To do a ride which encourages me to push the limits is hugely beneficial to me.  I will get passed by at least a dozen riders and scarily enough still set a time which I would consider fast.  This is one aspect of this group ride that I am determined to get better at.

I have done two of these Spider Bikes shop rides & will certainly be back for more.  This weekend I rode from home & was able to make a century out of this ride with 1,700 vert of climbing in-between.

Gotta love riding!

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