To Everest or not to Everest…

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I have the green light to ride all of Sunday, and I seriously considered doing another Everest.  Mast Gully Road has been on the back of my mind for awhile now.  Early last year I did 10 repeats of it on a 38 degree day, and know its difficult, but always considered it doable, albeit extreme.

To Everest or not to Everest


Clint Woodward asked if I’d like to do some vertical with him in the Dandenong’s this morning.  It’s rare that I do a hill session in the Dandenong’s before work as it tires me too much.  I can tend to be a zombie around the office.  I wasn’t able to do much cycling this week so jumped at the chance.

To Everest or not to Everest

I arrived at Mast Gully at 6:30 am, and it was still dark.  It was a perfect time to check this climb out for an Everest.  I would see what it would be like in the dark, and during peak hour traffic.  Mast Gully Road immediately ramps above 20%, and its always a shock how hard this climb is.  The second half of the climb is 1 km @ 14%, which is quite deceptive, as a fair bit of the climb ramps over 18%.  Battling for breath and trying to find a rhythm was a challenge.  To compound my woes I started the day with a strained hamstring which didn’t help my cause one bit.

I was getting up it, but it wasn’t easy.  I needed to get out of the seat and dance my way up several sections.  The last 300 metres is brutal.  You push up an 18% pinch for about 50 metres, and look up and see the road go skywards, and the road peaks at 27%.  Descending Mast Gully in the dark, was also a challenge.  It feels like you’re on a Rollercoaster going down that thing, and my hands were heavy on the brakes the whole way down.

To Everest or not to Everest
Welcome to hell

I gave up hope of doing the Everest after the first lap.  I said to myself that maybe I just needed to get warmed up and would be right on the second lap.  Honestly it was a tiny bit easier, but still brutal.  As I was descending Clint was not far behind me and we dropped down and started doing repeats.  Needing a second opinion and was glad he said the same thing.  I could tell he wasn’t too enthusiastic with torturing himself going up & down such a brutal climb.  Thankfully he’s tough, and we ended up doing another 6 laps together.  I was surprised after the 4th lap that my legs started to work a bit better, and we found it easier to get into a rhythm.  It was less painful to get up each climb.

To Everest or not to Everest
Clint chilling out at the top

We got stuck behind a Garbage truck on the second last climb.

Wouldn’t recommend anyone to Everest this on garbage day.  It was challenging doing a balancing act behind this truck that kept stopping every 20 metres in front of us for the first part of the climb.  Unfortunately I only had time to do 9 laps of it today.  I gave up hope of Everesting it, and have decided to do an easy 300 km ride on Sunday instead.

To Everest or not to Everest


It would be a dream to Everest Mast Gully Road as its the last of the iconic climbs to fall in the Dandenong’s.  Unfortunately the first and last part of the climb are truly brutal.  To do them over and over again would be extreme to the max.   I originally thought of doing the whole climb, but that flattened out section at the T intersection gives you major grief.  Hoping that by just doing the top half would be easier to get into a rhythm.

I hope that someone else gives it a crack. I’d be down in a heartbeat to help out, and to see the last great icon in the Dandenong’s to be Everested.

Maybe one day when I’m feeling fitter I’ll give it a go myself…..

Here is a link to my Strava Activity here.

To Everest or not to Everest
This bits steep!
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3 thoughts on “To Everest or not to Everest…

    Master Chief said:
    March 7, 2015 at 2:22 pm

    You are crazy Kuz!

    Karl Billeter said:
    March 12, 2015 at 3:29 am

    I promise I'll give it a go if I ever get near 60kg 🙂

    Brendan Edwards said:
    March 23, 2015 at 3:57 am

    Karl, reckon there's a hill out there with your name on it 🙂

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