Visiting Walter Peak

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Serena loves her animals.  We found a cruise & tour that you could do at the Walter Peak High Country Farm.  As a bonus it was followed by a 4WD trip up into the mountains.  Walter Peak is a mountain located near Queenstown and is 1,800 metres tall.  The farm tour offers visitors the chance to take a walking tour of a working farm.  Learning about traditional farming practices and the significance of the various animals.

The cruise over was incredible.  We soaked up the sites and had to pinch ourselves at visiting such a wonderful place.

Twas an awesome cruise

Serena made quite a few friends at the farm & learned a lot about Merino Sheep.  This is one of New Zealand’s greatest exports.

The wind picked up to a gale which did all it could to try and blow us over.  Oh and it was quite cold.  We were lucky we brought some extra clothes with us.  One of the best bits of the tour was that you got to eat some home baked goodies.  These including piklets topped with berry, strawberry jam & cream with some tea or coffee.


View from the farm

We soon boarded the 4WD Bus for the second leg of our journey.  We headed up into the hills and out to the Colonel’s Homestead which is an abandoned home.  How I would love to return to go camping there.  The views were simply stunning along the way.

The weather started to throw a bit at us and it was windy as all hell.  We were on a massive boat and the trip back was amazing.  The boat was getting thrown metres in the air in the choppy conditions.  We were being thrown everywhere and Serena was quite taken with the experience.

We had an amazing day!

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