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The Bus trip up to Wanaka through the Crown Ranges was simply stunning.  This offered one of New Zealand’s longest road climbs, which was 12 km in length with an average gradient of 6%.  How I wish I had my bike to climb some of these amazing hills.

Lake Wanaka has a wonderland of Mountains, Glaciers, rivers & lakes.  Lake Wanaka is 45 km’s long & covers 193 square kilometres of crystal clear waters.

We warmed to Wanaka & felt really welcome here.

We did a tour around Wanaka and the surrounds & then went to this Puzzle World which was quite interesting.

There was a maze.

I had a nice half hour rest waiting for Serena to find her way out.

After the walk back to town Serena was feeling pretty tired & had a cat nap.  This provided me for a perfect opportunity to go for a short 10 km walk around the Lake.

It was an amazing day, & such an incredible Sunset!

I was really exhausted but just couldn’t pass up the chance to do a walk like this.

Thoughts of dinner pulled me back to reality, & we had eyed off an amazing looking Fish n’ Chups store in town.

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