Winter riding

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At what point in bad weather do you stop cycling?  Over winter it’s true that everyone loves sitting in front of a fire and staying warm.  If you’re a true cyclist, you have a passion for cycling which goes beyond being warm. 

Winter riding

Here are some tips to enjoying your riding over winter:

–  Be prepared to get muddy
–  Don’t be scared off by the weather forecast, otherwise you’ll never ride during winter
–  The cheapest and best way to stay warm is to wear 2 pairs of socks
–   Invest in a pair of under-gloves. When it gets under 5 degrees, that 2nd pair of gloves makes the
world of difference, and on a really wet day will help keep your hands dry that extra mile –
–  Try to cover your neck as much as possible and invest in a neck warmer. Don’t buy one that
attaches by Velcrose as these have been known to fly off. If it’s really cold then consider taking a
–  When it’s raining, be selective which roads to ride on. Cars and bikes don’t mix when it’s raining
for so many reasons
–  Pull out your Mountain Bike. If you’re going to get muddy why not do it in style
–  Just remember that some riding is better than none
–  Ride in groups over winter. It’s a lot easier to suffer when you’re suffering with someone else
–  Winter can be a good excuse to go and do all the riding that you normally wouldn’t do during
summer. Find a quite back country road & go exploring. If you go up into the hills and it’s raining
then try and pick quite roads to ride on. There are plenty of great places to ride when it’s raining.
Just use a common sense approach.
–  Be smart. You’re more likely to get sick over winter so listen to your body and ride smart

Winter ridings all about finding the right balance, and if you’re not a winter warrior, then it’s all about trial and error with your kit to find the most comfortable outfit.  Don’t worry if you end up looking like an Eskimo.  It’s much better riding over winter than not. 

Use your Strava friends to help motivate you.  If they can get out in bad weather then so can you! You don’t need to be a badass to ride throughout winter.  You just need to have a great love and passion for your bike.

Are you a Winter Warrior?

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”
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