Zero to one hundred in 15 days

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On Wednesday I could barely stand and was limping heavily.  I wanted to get better ASAP, and I pondered on how to produce a miracle.  A ridiculous thought sprung to mind & I should have shut it down.  I wondered whether I could recover over the next couple of days and then go out and ride a century?  It was a far fetched idea.  Even for me, considering I hadn’t been able to walk properly in almost two weeks.


Not feeling quite right

I was dropped off by Serena in Berwick & headed south.  The start was great with a tailwind and was surprise from the outset.  I was absolutely flying.  It was a surprise that I was keeping pace with cars.  I thought that was strange and looked at the speedo and realised that I was comfortably sitting on 55 km/h on Clyde Road. Up ahead was a segment up a short climb that I had wanted to smash for ages. I was trying to pace myself, but that little voice whispered in my ear and foolishly I gave it some gas up the hill.  I averaged over 50 km/h over the 400 metre segment.  But held back near the top as knew I wasn’t right to push myself 110%.  It was stupid to push myself so hard so early, and after 9 km I threw up, and struggled from here.

I considered giving up & heading straight home.  It was quite windy out there and would have been the wise thing to do………

I kept going.

As soon as I turned off at Clyde I realised that I was going to be in for one of those days.  I was hit with a tough cross wind.  With a road which was dead straight, and dead boring for 30 km I was pushing.  I had recovered well from my injuries from the week, but was lacking power.  It was a struggle to stay motivated.  But I kept telling myself that this ride which was completely flat which I hate riding on was penance for hurting yourself.

Typical scenery along the ride

I turned into 7 mile road, and into a wall of wind, and had to tap out a steady tempo of 25 km/h.  It wasn’t pleasant, and I kept giving myself shit by asking how long 7 mile road was…..

7 Mile Road (approximately …’s)

My legs felt good, & I was tapping out a good tempo but I was running on empty and had to pace myself.  The rest of the ride was a blur which was done on autopilot.  I completed the century.  Apart from feeling incredibly drained I didn’t have any sore muscles which was more than I could have hoped for.

I stopped in Pakenham at Bunnings for some late lunch, and copped my first Magpie swoop of the season.

Forgot that there’s an aggressive little sucker that haunts the Princess Highway, that will keep at you.  And at you until he draws blood.

It was a tough slog.  Sad to say I’m prouder of finishing this one, than many of my epics which are well over 150 km in length.  It was a crazy idea, but I guess I do crazy well.  There’s a fair bit of rain forecast all week.  So may take a rest for a few days and devote the week to recovery.  I had given up hope of making the San Mirinda Gran Fondo, which is 125 km in distance.  Today has given me hope that this is still possible.  I would have to be able to ride at least 150 km next weekend to consider it……..

To be continued……

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