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Not that I need an excuse to ride but its Movember, which is an annual event which has been running since 2004 and involves the growing of moustaches (aka mo’s) during the month of November to help raise awareness of men’s health issues, such as Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer and men’s Suicide.  I’ve been dilligently growing a beard over the month which I finally trimmed down and it was time to get the Mo out & celebrate Movember the best way I can think.  By riding my bike.

Last weekend I was riding in scorching temperatures in the mid 30’s.  Today most of the ride it was under 10 degrees.  I’ve said it before and will say it again.  Curse you Melbourne weather!  I organized to ride with Brad Lyell in the Dandenong’s.  We just wanted to get out for the pleasure of riding in my favourite place.  The Dandenong Ranges, and some of my favourite climbs including Courtney’s Road & Selby Aura Road.  Early on into the ride was marred with Brad getting tacked on the road up to Kallista.  Just a reminder that there are some very sad people that live in our world today.  Placing tacks deliberately on a road to stop cyclists is thick headed as these tacks can wind up anywhere & can indivertibly be stepped on by wildlife, pets & humans.  Most importantly children.  Anyone who is ignorant to the fact that they could end up hurting others are not only thick headed but sadistic and should seek therapy!  We get that they don’t like cyclists.  Just don’t hurt others in your crusade against two wheeled vehicles.  We didn’t let this tacky episode bother our ride, which turned out to be a very good ride.

This year has been very trying with the first 8 months of the year spent injured on & off, and then since the start of August I had been sick a total of 12 weeks.  I’ve had plenty of time to reflect, and whilst much of the year has been a write-off.  I’ve still managed to get in some very good rides.  With Christmas less than a month away I’m happy to sit back & relax and enjoy myself over the coming month.  No epics planned.  No crazy rides.  Just the pure pleasure of getting out on my bike.  As a bonus I was able to introduce Brad to new climbs and found some long lost form.


Please head to the Movember website to see what you can do to support Men’s health. Click on this link to find out more.

or head to their Facebook page



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