Happy Birthday Dandenong Ranges

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I’m proud to announce that the Dandenong Ranges is celebrating its one year birthday.  I wish to thank everyone who has followed me on this journey.  This time last year I set out on a loop around Bacchus Marsh and pencilled my very first Blog entry for the site.

My last Everest on Daniel Solander Drive

It wasn’t my best piece of writing, and the photos were pretty bad, but every journey has to begin somewhere.

How the Dandenong Ranges was born

For years I wondered why there wasn’t a Strava group for the Dandenongs. I realised that given that I pretty much knew every single climb in the Dandenongs.  Maybe I could start a group & use my knowledge to help others find some of the hidden climbs in this beautiful area.  7 days later I had over 100 members & was blown away by how the group turned out.  I posted link after link to show others were to climb.  Ultimately I ran out of climbs to tell people about.

Link to Strava group here

I followed several blogs, & really loved the concept and had the idea of doing one myself.  I had written a piece for the Climbing Cyclist for the inaugural Green Edge Ride back in 2012.  Having also written two pieces for my first Everesting attempt on Perrins Creek Road.

Given that I already had several pieces written, I felt that I had a good starting point.  I looked back at many of the epics that I had done in the past.  Poured through old photos & started work on pieces about old rides.  By the time I was ready to launch the site, I had close to 40 articles & the plan was to publish a mix of the old & new.

I found a new sense of excitement in my rides, as they would create the base of my blogs.  My goal was to find crazier & crazier rides to justify more writing.  The images was another aspect that got me excited.  I had moved away from photography.  This site gave me the perfect excuse to dust off the old camera & work towards improving my photography.

This is where it all started, and is what has got us ready for 2016. Looking forward to sharing another exciting year with you!

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