Just a 100km recovery ride

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Over the past 40 days I have only been able to ride a grand total of 31 km due to injury.  My latest injury wasn’t even cycling related. I simply burnt myself out & screwed up my knee walking of all things. This is the longest period of time I’ve ever been off the bike.  I tried not to mope around feeling sorry for myself. Fatigue was the catalyst so I reasoned that my body needed rest more than anything else. Monday I finally woke free of pain in the knee.  Finally I could dream of getting back on the bike.

Game on!

I ramped up my rehab exercises and was doing up to 2 hours of stretching after work in order to get myself right to ride. Sadly I still couldn’t do any hills and had to look at flat road to ride instead. I am a bit of a sick puppy, and the idea of riding 100 km popped into my head as a recovery ride….. After telling a couple of mates that pretty much said the same thing “you’re a dick!”. I believe that if you set your mind towards a goal and are hungry enough you can achieve anything. Even being a “dick“.

“If you want the ultimate, you’ve got to be willing to pay the ultimate price”
-Patrick Swayze: Point Break

Patterson Lakes

My knee still wasn’t 100% by the Saturday and when I headed off I was treading eggshells starting this ride.  The wind was ferocious & I had to fight the bike just to get to the Eastlink Trail.  I could feel fluid moving in my knee & it was painful.  The thought of not riding my bike was more painful.  I pulled over & taped up my knee which seemed to fix the problem.

Getting back on and heading south with a strong tail wind pushing me along.

Any little rise hurt & I had no strength to climb but that’s why I chose to ride the bike trails.  My legs warmed up after about 15 km & I started to ride well.  I came upon a rider up ahead and my first thought was “carrot up ahead”.  I knew that was a good sign that my competitive spark was still there.  When I turned onto the Peninsula trail unfortunately I had what was a perfect tail wind.  I was cruising without effort sitting on 41 km/h & I knew I could get some very impressive times.  Common sense was thrown out the window and switched onto TT mode.  Stupidly I no longer milked my body.  Smashing it instead and was able to sit comfortably for about 5 km at an incredibly high tempo.

That was until my body started to remind me that it was still hurting.

I knew I was on a really good time, and shouldn’t have but kept the pressure so high on an injured body.  No surprise that I started hurting everywhere.  My knees were screaming & my quads were dying trying to take up the slack.  After 10 km I hit a series of small climbs.  Struggling up the first one but kept some form of tempo.  The second one cracked me & I was battling waves of nausea.  I was deep within the pain cave & on a mission.  A voice was whispering “dickhead, you have 50 km to return into a headwind”.  I didn’t listen, and made it to the end of the trail & collapsed in exhaustion.

The trail finishes right outside of Two Bays Road.  This is one of the Peninsula’s most popular climbs which is 2 km long with a 5% average.  I climbed it and mega thankful that I didn’t see a single rider on the climb.  I’ve never climbed that bad in years.

I could only sit on about 6 – 8 km/h & it was quite a humbling experience.


The ride home was a complete nightmare.  Running on empty, with muscles screaming in pain riding into a solid 30 – 40 kmph head wind.

40 days off the bike made me appreciate a number of things, and I know I shouldn’t have done such a hard ride returning from such a serious knee injury.  It was a rewarding feeling when I finally made it home, and I was blown away by the responses I received.

Christian Purnomo –  Welcome back bman

Shane Harold Great to see you back 🙂 well done

Larry Bird – Welcome back, 100km come back ride. Awesome work

Dylan Nicholson – For anyone else that’d be a huge ride Brendan but you do have a reputation!

This will take me quite a few days to recover from, but hopefully it will be the start of a whole new adventure.

Just a 100km recovery ride

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