Slicing through my thumb

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Now I’m not sure if I can classify this as a cycling injury.  This morning I was loading my Road bike into the boot of my car.  In order to do this I need to remove both of the wheels.  The rear wheel was stuck hard and I was pulling on the wheel with all my strength.  When the wheel came loose it went flying.  My hand was in the way & the spokes went straight through my thumb.

I couldn’t feel a thing which was the strangest thing as I felt a flood of liquid flow from my hand.  When I looked down at my hand and blood was gushing everywhere.   I was in disbelief and called my local GP who told me to get down to the emergency department.  This spelled a return to the Dandenong Hospital.

I have been held back over the past month after I strained my Achilles & was just getting back into it.  Tomorrow I was going to head down to Mount Donna Buang to Sherpa tomorrow.  I’m a bit gutted that I won’t be able to do that now.  But still hope to get down to offer some form of support.

The lucky part was that I was told that I narrowly missed severing the tendons in my thumb.  That could have spelt disaster so as they say .

“always look on the bright side of life”.

For anyone who is suffering injury the best thing is to remain positive and strong.  In the short-term you may miss out on a bit of fun but there is always a next time.
To be continued…..

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One thought on “Slicing through my thumb

    Adam said:
    February 26, 2016 at 9:23 am

    Dude. You are having a horrid run of luck. Hope it heals up quickly.

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