A ride to Red Rock

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I was staying at a Caravan Park in Colac West.  A short ride to the north was the Red Rock Reserve.  This site has seen many violent volcanic eruptions.  These have resulted in the craters and lakes found in the area.  Around 40 ‘eruption centres’ have been identified in and around the township of Alvie, near Colac.  Some of these eruptions helped to form some of the biggest lakes in the area such as Lake Purdiguluc, Lake Werowrap and Lake Coragulac.

It was easy to convince my wife to go up to Red Rock Reserve to watch the sunset.

Meeting the family up there on the bike took a little longer.

Open farmland lay ahead of me as I was racing the setting sun.  My shoulder had that familiar ache which has been part of my life since the end of lat year.  There was a slight headwind to make things interesting.

It was just over 11 km to get to the base of the climb which whilst only short, turned out to be a good climb.  I am still struggling with climbing due to my injured shoulder which was a bit of a shame to have to crawl up a climb which would normally be my bread and butter.  It was a great feeling to make it to the top and the views were simply incredible.  Red Rock overlook Lake Corangamite and you could see the whole horizon in front of you.

My wife gave me a few minutes head start and with a nice tailwind pushing me home I opened the throttle.  I lasted 9 km before being overtaken.  Maybe if I were in shape…..


The greatest feeling I get whilst riding is getting out there and exploring the unknown.  I will be spending three days around Colac and are hoping to extensively explore the area.

To be continued……

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