Being injured sucks

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On December 7th I was involved in a head on collision.  A @*#! was coming around a blind corner of the Eastlink trail on the wrong side of the path.  An experienced rider would have been able to steer to the left and avoided the collision.  Unfortunately for me he wasn’t an experienced rider.  Accidents happen, and I don’t want to hold a grudge but looking back.  I have a bit of a sour taste in my mouth.  The guy that caused this accident.  Said several things at the scene of the accident that gave me the impression that he had excuses for what happened.  Guess it could be hard to admit that you were stupid enough to be riding completely on the wrong side of a path around a blind bend……..

Being injured sucks
Eastlink Trail corner where accident occured

The intersection this occurred at is quite dangerous.  My number #1 concern was to prevent accidents like this occurring in the future.  I heard from a number of riders who have had near misses into that corner.  And heard that at least two other people have been hospitalized due to similar accidents.  I contacted Knox City council and very disappointed with their response:

“Based on our observations, we note that the retaining wall does currently obstruct your vision as you come towards the underpass bend north of Boronia road as you enter Koomba Reserve.  As such, the solid centreline marking is there to tell cyclists and pedestrians to maintain their side of the path as they enter, travel through and exit the underpass. You are correct in that if the oncoming cyclists did maintain his lane, then the incident would not have occurred. Council constantly monitors the condition of our shared paths and our underpasses. We have also conducted a road safety audit on this section of underpass and abutting path. The auditor’s report did not consider the visibility of the bend a hazard as there was sufficient line marking to inform users to keep to their side of the path.

We sympathise with you regarding this unfortunate accident and acknowledge that this incident may be due to the cyclist’s behaviour of not staying in his lane”.

In summary, we’re not going to bother to fix this problem until other people get hurt.

Being injured sucks

I’ve been injured 35 days now which is the third worse injury I’ve ever had.  Next to rupturing my Achilles tendon (2 year recovery).  And a football injury in year 12 that saw my collarbone sticking through my shoulder (3 month recovery).  2016 & now 2017 has been very frustrating.  Originally, the main damage seemed to be the injury to my wrist.  Which would set me back 2 – 4 weeks.  Unfortunately when this healed. I discovered a secondary injury which has kept me off the bike since then.  I have partially torn the rotor cuff tendon in my left shoulder.  I’m lucky in a sense that if the damage was any worse.  I would have required surgery.

Being injured sucks
At least I’ve had more time to spend with this guy

You would not believe how often you use this little tendon in your shoulder.  Any movement can set it off.  I can’t do any lifting and have been recommended total rest to let it heal.  It’s been a slow healing process, and a frustrating one.  Never before have I felt so healthy and not been able to do anything.  My legs feel great and want to ride. Wen I look out the window and see perfect riding conditions hurts more than the injury.

Being injured sucks

2016 was pretty much written off to injury and illness.  All I can hope is to eventually recover from this and start afresh in 2017.  At this stage I could be off the bike for at least another two weeks.  And then the real rehab begins.  At least I don’t have anything to train for, so there’s no rush to get myself healthy.  For now all I can do is to try and stay positive.

To be continued…….

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