Bright Cycling weekend November 18-20

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Bright Peaks Trip #4

I have been invited to head up to Bright November 18-20 by John Mogavero, for a 3 day cycling weekend. We are taking on one of Australia’s hardest challenges. The 3 Peaks course! On top of this we will be making ascents up Mount Hotham & Mount Buffallo. The Victorian Alps has some of the best riding that Australia has to offer.

Image by Luis Lopez

This is the fourth year this ride has been run. John Mogavero has brought together a bunch of mates, who each year during the month of November, head up north to have a cycling party up at the Victorian Alps.

“I rather enjoy organising things so back in 2013, I asked a few of my cycling buddies to see if they were keen to knock a few of the 7 Peaks? I find it very satisfying to have riding mates coming along who haven’t been before and are totally blown away with the rides, the scenery and the mateship. Everyone comes back with a different perspective on riding and almost in depression riding back in the burbs” – John Mogavero

This is a ride which caters for riders of all abilities, and what started as a group of 6 riders in 2013, has grown every year, and now attracts a group of 40 riders to experience the Victorian Alps. This is a non-supported ride, which for those who are wishing to fill up their 7 Peaks passport, helps to tick off several of the climbs.

Ride #1

Mount Hotham

Distance:                        32.4 km
Average gradient:        4.6%
Maximum gradient:    18%
Elevation Gain:             1,347 metres

This scenic climb up the Great Alpine Road is considered to be one of Australia’s toughest climbs. The climb begins in Harrietville, and for the early part of the climb is flanked with tall forests. The first 10km is quite hard. The climb flattens out until you reach the ticket box, and the final part of this climb is memorable, with some incredibly challenging peaks that will leave your legs screaming in pain.

This is a tough climb which can expose you to the elements. On a hot day you will cook! Wear plenty of sunscreen and bring plenty of drink.   If it’s cold. Expect to freeze, and be extremely careful in high winds.

Click link to view 7 Peaks review on Mount Hotham.

Image taken by Donald Todd

Ride #2

3 Peaks

The SCODY 3 Peaks Challenge was launched in 2010 by Bicycle Victoria in the Victorian Alps. It offers cyclists one of the world’s toughest & most picturesque cycling challenges. Starting and finishing at Falls Creek.  Riders must complete the circuit within 13 hours to receive a “Finisher’s Jersey”, and is 235km in length, with a painful 4,400 vertical along the way. Amongst recreational cyclists, finishing the 3 Peaks course is quite prestigious, and gives you stature as a rider having completed it.

Image taken by Philip Natividad

Ride #3

Mount Buffallo

Distance:                         23 km
Average gradient:         5%
Maximum gradient:     11%
Elevation Gain:              1,119 metres

This climb takes you through the Mount Buffalo National Park. Its landscape is truly unique and offers some truly breathtaking views, with, towering cliffs, waterfalls, Snowgums and wildflowers.  Mount Buffallo has a steady gradient of around 5% for the most part.

The park contains the Mount Buffalo Chalet, which has a spectacular gorge, which is a must do.

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Image taken by David Jukes

Bright Cycling Weekend

I’ve been injured for pretty much the whole year, and have been forced off the bike for really long stretches of time. After over 7 months of knee and Achilles troubles, I have finally seen the light at the end of the tunnel, and have to start training for a ride like this pretty much from scratch. Between working 6 days a week, and having a 10 month old baby. Training time is limited, and I will have to be smart in order to get myself in shape for a ride like this.

I have only been up the Victorian Alps once in 2013 for the 3 Peaks. It was the year where we experienced the Black Saturday Bush Fires, & organisers were forced to put in contingency plans and run a revised route via Mount Buffalo & Falls Creek. This was the hottest year the 3 Peaks was run & dehydration and heat stroke was the story of the day. I was on track for a 9 hour 3 Peaks at one stage, and suffered from really bad heat stroke & ended up struggling in at 10 hours 20 minutes. I have unfinished business up at the Alps.

To be continued……..

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