Californian Redwood Forest East Warburton

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There is a truly magical forest which is off the beaten track and is only a short ride from Warburton East.

Californian Redwood Forest

Following the clearing of the original Eucalypt Forest in 1930’s.  There were over 1476 Californian Redwood trees planted by the Board of Works. These are trees which range from 20 meters to the tallest being 55 meters in height. The trees are planted in a grid and look like a setting straight from J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. When you walk in amongst the trees you may feel like you’re on the set of some exotic Hollywood film.  Its a truly magical place to wander about.

There are hiking trails, which were originally the access tracks which pass through and around the Californian Redwood forest.   These are a must do if you get the chance, and link up to the O’Shannassy Aqueduct Trail.  One of the Yarra Valleys most popular walks.


Follow the Warburton Highway east out of Warburton until it becomes Woods Point Road. Around 7 km out of town you will find Cement Creek Road to the left side of the road. The road is unsealed and a little rough in places.  But suitable to ride a road bike. Shortly up the road you will find a small parking area on the right hand side.  This is along a fence line and small gate barrier. Walk through the barrier and be prepared to be transported to a place which is purely magical.

Californian Redwood Forest


  • Please respect the environment when visiting this special place.  Keep it clean and take your litter with you.
  • The Californian Redword forest is now heritage listed.
  • Parking available on Cement Creek Road.
  • Please note there are no public toilets at the Redwood Forest.
  • The forest is Pram friendly
  • Dogs not allowed.

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