Cycling as the sun rises

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Cycling as the sun rises

There is something truly remarkable about getting out on your bike before the crack of dawn. You have the roads to yourself and the first thing you will notice that you are surrounded by the sound of silence.  All around you the world lies asleep.  It’s just you and your bike, what more can there be?

Image taken at Tooradin Lakes

Being able to see a sunrise on a bike is such a special moment.  You’ll get lost in the moment as the night air slowly begins to glow, and gets lighter and lighter.  You keep riding waiting for that special moment where the sun will poke its head over the horizon.

Then you can basque in the glory of the sunrise.

Strzelecki Ranges

You may have been feeling tired up until this moment, and battling against the cold.  Soon all will be forgotten as you get to experience something, which makes setting the alarm so early worthwhile.  As a bonus getting up really early gives you a chance to get a lot more riding in.

When was the last time you experienced a glorious sunrise on your bike?

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