Cycling New Year Resolutions

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As the clock strikes midnight and the fireworks explode above.  It is the beginning of the New Year, and a good time to stop and reflect on the year gone by.  Take a moment to remember some of the great memories of the rides that made the year so special.

Over the year, you may have met a number of new friends. Achieved many goals. Discovered some new and amazing places to ride, and found many new places to add to your bucket list.

Thankfully the greatest ride will always be the next one, and time to move onto a new year.  You hope to make the New Year happier, be healthier and conquer new goals.

Have you got a New Year’s Resolution for your bike?

We all have a bucket list of goals.  It’s always a question of how we fit these in around our busy lifestyles.

What will your New Year’s Resolutions be?

  1. Ride less junk miles
  2. My longest ride is yet to come…..
  3. Discover lots of new Cafés
  4. Be happy when the alarm goes off.  Riding is more important than sleep
  5. If I haven’t climbed it.  Climb it!
  6. Mental note to remember to bring a spare tube
  7. That street doesn’t look familiar.  Why not!
  8. Inspire a mate or two to ride
  9. Think epic
  10. Remember it’s all about the bike
Cycling into the new year

Cycling New Year Resolutions

Let us know in the comments section below what your New Years Resolutions will be.

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