How the Dandenong Ranges was born

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I was asked the question the other day “how the Dandenong Ranges came about”.

The Dandenong Ranges started as a Strava group which I started in May 2014. I had this crazy idea of posting Strava segments to this group.  Predominantly for the lesser known climbs in and around the Dandenong Ranges. My hope was to introduce riders to a new world of climbs.

Within a week I had over 100 members.  Each week I would post more and more segments until I ultimately ran out of segments to post.  Then I looked for new horizons.  The blog came about as I love writing & love photography.  I had already written several cycling articles in the past.  The hard part was trying to come up with a good name.  This is something that I’m not that good at and nothing I came up really gelled. I guess I took the easy way out and used the name of my Strava group, and thus the Dandenong Ranges blog was born.

Image created by Lou Wolfers

The articles were easy to do. I loved to ride epic rides and loved to get out there to explore and continued to challenge myself to do some very crazy adventures. Then came the climb write-ups, and my Strava group was the reason why I started to do these. I had run out of segments to post to this group, but still had something to contribute. Maybe if I could show people visually what’s out there, it may encourage riders to get out and explore some more. I looked at that list of segments that I had posted to my group.  It took me awhile to get out with my camera & took photos and did the first of the climb write-up on Courtney’s Road in Belgrave South.

Guess I got hooked as I have done over 180 of them since.

The Dandenong Ranges is a hobby of mine, and I really appreciate you reading this blog and reading my posts.  If you’re not already doing so I would really love if you can sign up to my Facebook group or Instagram account.

Thank you to all of the support I’ve received along the way. Lou Wolfers who designed the Dandenong Ranges logo & Mike Boudrie, the editor of La Velocita who has given me some great guidance over the years. Also a special thanks to Adam Dawson, Joel Archer, Andrew Talanti, David Edwards, David Blom.  Of course everyone else who has helped edit, offered ideas, suggestions, come along for my crazy rides and helped me along the way.  You know who you are. I’ve appreciated every single bit of help that I’ve gotten along the way.

And of course a special thanks to my wife who has endured me disappearing for days on end out riding.  With countless hours spent on the laptop, who’s patience and understanding has allowed me the time to put together this blog.

Thanks for reading.

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