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When you have pushed your body so hard, your mind gets blackened to the point that you can no longer hold a conscious thought.  You can’t really see straight and you aren’t able to talk with anyone that may be there.  Jens Voigt is a German former professional cyclist who was inspiration to many.  His tenacious riding style really inspired many to find the inner strength just to say f#*k it.  I’m nailing this sucker.

Shut up legs!

— Jens Voigt’s “trademark” catchphrase

Image taken by Roxeanne King; courtesy of Flickr

Jens is now retired and has a very decorated career including wearing the maillot juane at the Tour de France twice.  He won the Criterium International a record tying 5 times.  Also winning a number of stage races throughout his career. In 2014 he set a new hour record which was beaten by Matthias Brandle in October of the same year.  He was never afraid to get out there, and determined to get in a breakaway.

His philosophy was; “if you go with a break, you can either win or not win.  If you don’t go for it, you definitely won’t win”.  Jens would continually put his body through the grinder and was never afraid to tell it as it is. Jens wasn’t the fastest rider around, but he was the one the was strongest where it counted.  In his mind.  He could really push himself through the pain barrier and let his legs do the talking.

“I get paid to hurt other people, how good is that?” – Jens Voight
Image taken by Will Bakker; courtesy of Flickr

Cycling has come through a dark era and really needs heroes. We need someone to get out there to inspire others to really push the limits.  The true heroes of cycling today are you guys.  The mothers and fathers who work a full-time week, take care of their kids and then get out on their bikes to ride hundreds of kilometers a week.  Riders like Jens have really helped to inspire a whole new generation of Jensies.

So get out on your bike, ride as hard as you can, and give it all you’ve got.  Be the best you can be.

Image taken by Will Bakker; courtesy of Flickr

Even though you’re retired I still think you’re a legend Jensie!

Off the front, alone in the wind, suffering like there was no tomorrow. These were the moments when I said to myself a thousand times: “SHUT UP LEGS, please shut up and do what I tell you!” – Jens Voight


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