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The Melburn Roobaix has been an iconic event in Melbourne’s cycling calendar since its inception in 2006.  It is hosted by FYXO who have embraced the spirit of one of Europe’s most popular one day bike races.  The Paris-Roubaix which is renown for its challenging cobblestone sections.  The Melburn Roobaix explores the bumpiest sectors of cobbled lanes and alleys.  As well as the lesser ridden bike routes.  Introducing riders to hidden parts of the city and offering a sense of adventure.

Arlie Bank Lane, South Yarra

“It’s a chance to become an oversized child again”

Each year participants gather at a secret location.  And are provided with a rider pack with an assortment of goods to complete the ride.  Along with many a keepsakes and a map.  The map shows which cobbled sectors are part of that years event.  That’s only half the fun. You have to find your own way in-between cobbled sectors.  You’re welcome to take the easy way and follow other riders.  Just be mindful that if they get lost then it’s a matter of the blind leading the blind.  The Melburn Roobaix is not your everyday cycling event.  Participants are encouraged to do cobbled sections multiple times.  Stop for Coffee, explore and if you get lost then that’s part of the fun.  Along the way they want you to stop and take lots of photos.  The Melburn Roobaix is all about the journey.

It’s a ride – not a race!

This ride is magical.  And riders are encouraged to dress up in costume, & ride any form of bike.  Unicycles, Recumbent bikes, Mountain Bikes.  It doesn’t matter what you ride.  This is an event which encourages the diverse and welcomes the unknown.   Expect to see the unexpected as riders come from all around the country to experience the Melbourn Roobaix.  I would recommend to buy tickets to this event, but don’t bother.  Each year the event sells out quicker & quicker every year.  If you don’t already have tickets for 2016 then I’d recommend to pre-order for 2017.  This is one event you’ll want to add to your bucket list.

Just remember its about the cobbles!

Yes, cobblestones aren’t fun to ride a bike over.  They’re bumpy, and usually have an uneven surface that really throws your chi.  They force you to keep an eye on the road in front of you as there is constant risk of danger and potential for a mechanical.  Without a doubt you’re forced to ride much harder to maintain your speed.  It’s not easy.  That’s why you do it!  Riding over Cobblestones has been made famous by races such as Paris-Roubaix and the Tour of Flanders.  Which are amongst the most popular races to watch on TV.  We are very thankful that FXYO has brought this spirit of adventure to Melbourne.

The spirit of the Melburn Roobaix lingers all year long.  If you ride past a cobbled alleyway.  Consider to make a short detour and explore the hidden parts of Melbourne.  You never quite know what you will find……

This years event will be held on Sunday 26th June 2016

Link to event Website:

  • For Public Transport options to get the event click on this link.
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